UPDATE! Mark Waid Q&A and Exclusive Giveaway!

Update: This Q&A will be released later than expected, due to a video producer getting sick. We will update this post once the video releases!

Submit your questions for Episode 6 of the DC Creator Q&A Series, featuring Mark Waid!

Mark Waid joins us for October’s DC Creator Q&A episode, and he’s ready to answer all of your burning questions!Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20 brings us back to Earth-22, where Waid’s iconic Kingdom Come story initially took place. Batman and Superman take on their aged Earth-22 counterparts in epic fashion–and Mark will be pulling back the curtain on his approach to writing this incredible journey!

Like with every month in the DC Community, this DC Creator Q&A will feature an exclusive giveaway! For this episode, we’re giving away a copy of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20 signed by Mark Waid himself! All you have to do to enter is submit a question in this Q&A thread between October 2 and October 11 for Mark to answer, and you’ll be entered to win that month’s signed book … it’s that easy! The winner will be selected at random when the Q&A releases on October 25, and every eligible person who participates will receive one entry into the giveaway — as always, please limit your questions for Mark to just one, so that she can answer as many as possible!

Get hyped for Episode 6 of the DC Creator Q&A Series! Remember: get those questions in from now through October 11 for your chance to win a signed copy of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #20, and keep your eyes peeled for this episode to drop on October 25!

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If you could remake any of your comics, which would it be and why?


Hello Mark,
I really enjoy reading World’s Finest: Teen Titans & Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, any chance both series will have a Crossover? :grinning:

I’ve also made Kingdom Come Superman out of Minecraft, hope you like it. :superman:


How did you first feel about revisiting the Kingdom Come universe 20+ years later? Were there any challenges for you when writing this crossover? Thank you!


When you’re writing a story set on a different Earth than you’re used to, does it get confusing? Do you need some kind of story or character bible telling you what is and is not acceptable within that setting?


Thanks so much for taking our questions! I’m wondering what was it that inspired you to revisit the world of Kingdom Come nearly 25 years later?


Hey, Mark! It’s been wonderful getting to read your Superman again! The younger generation of meta-humans and vigilantes in Kingdom Come were characterized in a way that linked them to the anti-hero trend of the 1990s. Would you approach that differently with current younger generations and recent comic book trends in mind?


Hi Mark! Looking back at Kingdom Come is there anything you would do different today and are there specific things you think hold up well?


Hi Mark.

Would you ever consider returning to an ongoing Wally West Flash book?

Thank you.


Hey Mark! I love your comics! Worlds finest is one of my favorite on goings right now. I love the classic age vibe in worlds finest and Shazam. Is there any other characters you would want to write a classic age inspired series for? Personally I think a worlds finest doom patrol spin off would be fun!


Hey Mark!

Firstly, I’d like to say that you are my favorite comic writer of all time.
What is your favorite comic you’ve written?


Hello :wave: Mark
Thanks for stopping by

My question is why do you think Batman and Superman such a great team?


Hello Mark,
What are your thoughts on the almost 90 years of DC Comics continuity and the use of said continuity for cultivating new stories?



Your works present a clear vision of what you see Superman to be. But as with all the classic heroes, the Man of Tomorrow has been interpreted and reinterpreted by a wide range of authors with their own idea of who Superman is. Out of all the varied takes on this character from the last 85 years, which do you find to be the most compelling version of Superman (in comics or other media) that stands in stark contrast to your own version?

(I’m thinking specifically of a mainstream take on the Last Son of Krypton, not an Elseworlds version where he was born in Switzerland with four crab-like legs or something like that, but feel free to go with one of those stories if you’d prefer.)


So exciting! One of my favorite writers is here. I’ll gather my thoughts for a question soon.

EDIT: All right, here’s my question. If you haven’t been following them since the Silver Age, how does somebody get into the Legion of Super-Heroes? And what do you think is the key to their specific appeal?


I love Mark Waid?

[To be replaced with a better question later]



Hi Mr. Waid! So cool to see you do this. I wanted to say, as a big fan of JLA: Year One, have you ever thought of returning to that specific setting and team in that form? I know I’d love a JLA: Year Two honoring the history of classic JL stories. Obviously, it would be a bit different considering the current continuity, but that may be a benefit.


I was about to say happy anniversary dude lol

nice one!


Hi Mr Waid! Thank you for doing this!

Your run on Flash created many characters and creations that changed the Flash mythos, even after your time on Flash. Did you have any idea how much of an effect your run would have on Wally and the Flash mantle as you were writing it?


Mr. Waid,

Might I say Kingdom Come is one of my favorite comics ever. Looking through your bibliography I noticed you have written a lot of origin stories. What is the most important part of writing an origin for a well established character in your opinion?