upcoming Young Justice storyline in the comic book

Once they leave gem world they are heading to the kingdom come universe any opinions on this I don’t know for certain how I feel about it

Kingdom Come is a very interesting world of the multiverse with interesting characters. Love that Dick and Kori had a child named Nightstar. Okay with Bendis visiting it as long as he doesn’t destroy it. Interested to see what he does with it. Convergence was the last time it was visited, but has had multiple times of representing it in The Titans 23-25 with Donna Troy, The Flash with Chained Lightning, JSA with KC Superman, and other times. The Kingdom was a great followup and read.


@jdbgl71 You’re legally not allowed to enjoy The Kingdom

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Ive heard Bendis Young Justice run has been pretty good.


Young Justice is Bendis’ best DCU book right now IMO.


Haha Awesome_Squid I’ll illegaly enjoy it with a passion!