Upcoming Stargirl TV show

Of all the Dc Universe shows, this one has me worried I absolutely didn’t care for the Arrowverse version of Stargirl. The Smallville version was better.

It has me worried because they say more JSAers will appear; but they always seem to miss the mark or they get forgotten; Jay Garrick.

By far, Jay has the best Flash uniform in the Arrowverse (Wally has the second) and we hardly ever see him as the Flash TV show seems, IMO, to be spinning its wheels with another speedster from the future (and why isn’t the Time Bureau all over this again?)

I hope if other JSAers show up (Green Lantern and Dr. Fate my most anticipated) they get serious versions not the “lite” versions we have seen already.


I’m not too concerned cause Geoff Johns is heavily involved in this project so I believe he’ll do it right.


What he said. Johns can do no wrong.


Johns has made a few mistakes. But overall he does amazing stuff


Only announced show I’m not sure I’ll watch.

I’m not too concerned. Geoff Johns is heavily involved with this as lead writer and showrunner. He’ll make sure it’s done right.


If Powegirl makes an appearance all bets as of.

It’ll get a ratings (or whatever metrics DCU uses) boost if Pee-Gee shows up.

If we’re talking JSA we’ve already seen plenty of Garrick, not that I mind, but give me peegee, mighty mite, yes as u said Dr fate, an Alan Scott or any ring holder for that matter, spectre, sandman, hourman,obsidian. I wanna see characters we’ve rarely or never seen in live action. However,I agree confidently, Geoff Johns won’t mess this up.