Upcoming DC movie timeline

Looking great so far!!! Needs Green Lantern and Superman though.


Agreed on GL and Superman/MoS 2


Idk how well Shazam is gonna do…but I’m still gonna watch it

Super Pets? I guess it’s an animated movie but WOW.

Aside from that one I am definitely going to be seeing these (who knows might even see Super Pets… why not?). Joker is the only one I am not pumped about… don’t see him working as a lead character like that, but maybe I will be proven wrong.

Before I would be skeptical because DCEU… not the best track record quality wise and seriously… how one earth do you do a Justice League film and lose money? I mean that is an embarrassment. But DC seems like they might have finally figured out how to make their movies work, so hoping that continues.

Can I buy my tickets now?

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The timeline changes dramatically from super pets which will be child friendly to Batman lol

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What happened to the flash movie

Solo Batman is still slated for June 2021? I thought they couldn’t find anyone to write it and didn’t have a Batman actor anymore? Seems a very optimistic goal.

Wait there making a dc super pets movie I’m totally watching that animated or not


The director, Matt Reeves, has been writing the screenplay almost the whole time (between directing other works like War of the Planet of the Apes), you might be thinking of Suicide Squad 2, which had a lot of different screenwriters until James Gunn showed up.

Also, rumor is we’re going to get word of the new Batman very soon, SDCC at the latest.

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Filming for The Batman is starting later this year. Casting is going to start in the next few months

A DC cinematic Universe without Superman in my opinion is ridiculous. We need a hero with Superman’s values more than ever in America.


My previous gripe aside, I do like the lineup. I’m happy to see the Batman movie finally get some traction.


Ew, you got your Harley Quinn in my Birds of Prey. That said, I’m otherwise hopeful that at least some of these will be good (Even Birds of Prey, though I’m terrified to watch the teaser because I’m worried I’m not going to like what I see). I am admittedly skeptical about a Joker movie, though. Does he really need one? There are so many other characters they could use and just let him be in Batman stories.