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I just finished reading the August solicitations on DCUI and saw that there will be a new Azrael 6-issue miniseries called Sword of Azrael. It will have the same creative team as the Batman: Urban Legends storyline which I heard was really good. Azrael is one of my favorite Bat characters so I’m excited. A flaming sword is cool (just saying). I’m also excited for the 30th anniversary for Harley Quinn because DC is doing an issue a week for August and the storyline is Harley going to the moon as apart of Task Force XX which should be a fun read. The final series I’m excited for is the six-issue DC vs. Vampires companion series DC vs. Vampires: All Out War. The first issue actually comes out in July and it’s in black and white. I always enjoy a black and white book from time to time and with it being b&w it can make the art even better!


Whether you give me a Black Adam Series or a Mary Marvel one, I would buy both because I love Shazam comics that much.


Black Adam will be a DCUI read for me, but the new Shazam mini?

Buying it as it comes out.

I’ve been anticipating Mary’s starring gig for quite some time, and now that its back on the schedule, I’m absolutely onboard for it.


Hmm I hope we have Father Valley going up against Jean-Paul in The Azrael mini.
I am looking forward to the DC vs Vampires: all-out war too.

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I’m also really excited for the Sword of Azrael miniseries. I really hope it delves more into the nuanced and complicated areas of faith and passion! And the art should be awesome - loved the art on the Urban Legends story.

Harley Quinn’s Task Force XX should be fun - love that Luke Fox is there, and curious to see if Lashina and Apokalips are connected to Harley’s last visit to that planet in the Rebirth run? I’m a bit worried that it’s a bit too much all at once - similar to how many limited series of Aquaman-themed books all at once I worry cannibalized each other’s sales and made for a weaker launch than the Aquamen title deserved.

@Samsonkillingtime I’m very excited about both the Black Adam and Mary Marvel series! So happy to see them getting a good push with really awesome talent!

@Nobody.bladesmith That’s an intriguing idea of Father Valley vs. Azrael - I would love to see Jean Paul exploring his father’s history - but I have a feeling that Poor Fellow will probably be the main character that Jean Paul struggles with. But maybe both!

Personally, I’m very interested to see what the new art for Batgirls #9 looks like. Saved By The Belle Reve is perhaps my most anticipated comic, though, with a new Gotham Academy story by the original team! Plus lots of puns and school related stories!

I’m also curious what people think about the swimsuit covers. I am an Artgerm fan, and this cover did not disappoint! I also really liked the Batman by Mikel Janin, the Catwoman by Jeff Dekal, and the Nubia by Derek Chew!


Om do you have a link? I have no clue were to go look for variet covers outside of Amazon.

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Here ya go! Batman, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and more DC superheroes rock swimsuits in August | GamesRadar+


Thank you…I like that Selina seems to be on the cover with batman, but feel he should have a lot more scares and that. I like that he has some hair on his chest. Same with Deathstroke’s. Dick is a ambacrombie model. Catwoman is tasteful…and she looks angry.
I find it funny Diana is not in a swimsuit.

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