Unstoppable Doom Patrol #2 (May 31st- June 7th) :doom_patrol_club:


:doom_patrol_club: Welcome back to another exciting issue for our favorite misfits of DC! The team is up to something in this issue but to what…read along and find out :smiling_face: :dp_robotman:

:dp_robotman: Awesome link to start read—> Unstoppable Doom Patrol #2

:dp_robotman: As always would love to know what you think of this issue down below and also some theories going into issue #3 ! Let’s Discuss!! :dp_robotman:


When I heard Niles was going to be in this issue, I was a bit nervous. Other Doom Patrol books that have him still part of them team have struggled to come up with a good reason why, considering he caused the accidents that made them who they are. But I think so far they have done a solid job, making it clear that he is on very thin ice and very limited what he can do and has access to.

There are members and references to various chapters of the team’s history. Kipling is back, a couple of people from Gerard Way’s run are here, it feels like a low key loving shout out. Curious to see what’s in story with Niles & Mento and how much the DP is already aware of them. And that scene with Cliff going to Dorothy’s grave is heartbreaking.

So far so good, can’t wait for more.


Gonna physically read the actual comic book. :+1: