Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 (May 3rd - 10th) :doom_patrol_club:

:doom_patrol_club: Sorry for the wait but it’s here!!! New Doom Patrol goodness!! What has the team been up to since we last seen them? Want to know? Want to find out?

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After the marvelous read tell me your thoughts down below and we’ll discuss this awesome issue and more! :dp_robotman:


I really liked the first issue. This volume’s change of focus gives this version of the team more of a direct purpose. And there is one panel focused on Cliff talking to degenerate where he says something that I think reflects DP perfectly. If you read the issue, then you know which panel I’m talking about.

I’m curious if following issues will answer questions I have. When/why did this “Chief” personality come forward in Jane? What is Niles’s connection to DP right now? How did this version form in universe and how do they address some of the bigger things that happened in previous volumes?


I LOVE Doom Patrol as a paramilitary therapy strike force. And i LOVE Jane not caring when Batman tries to intimidate her.

Never seen Larry laid flat out like this lol

There is a Yogurt Town in Gotham City


And i love the art. It’s a little cartoony, but with a lot of grit, it feels like a cross between two of my all-time favorites, Frank Quitely and Geoff Darrow.

Beast Girl is cute and i love her, but i hope we get to see actual-Jane soon.

Oh and i love that this issue introduced TWO new forms of uniformed henchmen to the DCU in Immortus’s zombies and the corporate science cops.


I really enjoyed this issue. I haven’t read a ton of Doom Patrol comics, since they’ve always seemed kind of hard for me to get into, but after this issue I think I’ll have to give some of the other runs a go. :slight_smile:


Same! I’m hoping those get addressed really soon


Nice! Glad you’ve enjoyed it! And we did do some other earlier runs of DP last year but can do those again at some point :smiling_face:



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Great first issue – this did a great job at showing off the new status quo, giving everyone good story and action beats, having some cool action, guest stars, and solid hooks to want to keep reading.

The only bit I’m kind of mixed on is Batman’s characterization in this issue. I get that Batman can be a bit of a jerk and “grr this is my city raaarh” but I don’t know if he would have such a hard defense for Arkham Tower and just throwing crooks into it. It’s a nitpick, but I had to throw that out there – I mean, remember what club I run for Zod’s sake. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, great issue, amazing start to this series, I’m really bummed out that this is only seven issues, would have loved to have seen it go to an ongoing, but who knows, maybe it’ll pull a Poison Ivy or Green Arrow and possibly get more.


Oh, and a fun detail I noticed after rereading this issue here: while a lot of people are calling out a certain nod to current X-Men in issue 2 of this series, issue one I think purposefully references the opening pages of Grant Morrison’s X-Men, specifically the first arc, E Is For Extinction.


I liked the first issue better than I thought I would. The writer and artist are basicly pretty new at this, so hard to know which way this is going to go.

It was a nice combo of the classic comic with the TV series, leaning more into the classic comics. The fact that Rita had a slightly twisted up one side of her face would not have happened in the classic comics, but overall she acted like the Rita of the classic '60s run. Very classic old villains were done just right I thought, hopefully the Brain will survive his current headache.

I’m not all that excited about the theme of saving monsters, it reminds me way too much of the Smallville “freak of the week” plot concept the first two seasons. Again just my opinion, but I really felt like the Lazarus event plot line itself was not real good that the search for monsters is based on. I suspect all the so-called new Heroes that sprang from it are going to have the same fate as that “New Age of Heroes” line of a few years ago that came and went (that I eagerly bought several of a series of at the time).

What’s real obvious is that the writer and artist are comic book nerds like those of us that frequent this website, and have a nice appreciation for what has happened before.