Unpopular Opinions?

Is this unpopular? I definitely agree and feel like most people who talk about the show have said they wanted it to continue past the 1st season


Unless they formally establish, in the primary canon they focus on, that Tynion’s origin never happened, then they haven’t gone back to her good history. At best, it means that the universe where her life is about her and she’s a genuinely strong character, still exists, we just don’t get to see it, for whatever reason.
The two origins do not work together, and you can’t have them at the same time, combined, or the like. Maybe a really good writer could manage it, but DC hasn’t shown me that they have anyone that skilled.

I feel like part of this “it all counts” thing is DC taking the easy way out, wanting reader head-canon to fill in blanks they can’t be bothered to address. Not unlike how Tynion gave barest references to characters as the were before the reboot, and hoped to ride the waves of nostalgia instead of actually building anything. Even though, many of these problems could’ve been solved with actual planning, forethought, and competent editing (which was nowhere to be seen in 'Tec when Rebirth started).


I have a couple.

  1. I really don’t care for any of Frank Miller’s work. I know he’s made basically everyone’s favorite Batman story, and made a huge impact on the comic industry, but I find all of his work overly dark and gritty just to be dark and gritty.
  2. Stargirl, and Doom Patrol are the only live action DC shows I like. They are the only ones that keep the heart of the source material.
  3. I want Barbra Gordon to be both Batgirl and Oracle. I found both sides of her character so interesting that I don’t want to give up one side. I wish DC would somehow combine both personas and give Barbra a solo series.
  4. If done right I think all DC Future State characters could be the next Wally West. What I mean by that, is that all these characters could take over the titles of their predecessors and become icons in their own right.

oh it probably s a cop-out, but Cass’s story in the festival of hero’s book felt much closer to her original backstory and characterization.



I really don’t like the Young Justice show, I’ve seen all of it and wanted to like it but… part of it is that it bears zero resemblance to the comic. Mostly though it just seems ill balanced, like the annoying ‘Hello Megan!’ bit next to the Arsenal story line. Also why not just call it something else to avoid fan disappointment or confusion? The ‘Young, Just Us’ team was for sure operating outside Justice League purview, and tonally was super fun. The show and comic are practically opposites; but I did like what they did with Jamie/Blue Beetle.


I found season more enjoyably bad than anything, and 2 was a mix of good and just slow cringe. I found season 3 to just be unwatchable.


Oooh the cringe. I had to marathon Season 3, otherwise I would have never finished it.


I was at my LCS yesterday and someone was asking the person who works there if they have the graphic novel of a particular story. It wasn’t the story that irked me but the term “graphic novel” Nothing gets under my skin more than that term used for trade paperback collections or comics in general.

I should note the person asking wasn’t being dismissive or using it negatively. She was asking the clerk for help because of a genuine interest to find this story, which is always great to see in comic shops. It’s just a thing I have about that term.


I know. It sounds like they are ashamed of liking comics.


Oh my gosh same! I like to buy comics in volumes, that way I get the entire stories without ads on every other page like single issues do. To me, it’s still a comic, its just all of the single issues together, in order. It was a comic when it was a single issue, does tying them all together make that big of a difference?