Unpopular Opinion: Jason Todd

I feel like I will be in the minority about this…but I don’t think Jason Todd as the Red Hood should be a hero. The circumstances of his death, as well as what happened when he first came back into Bruce’s life as the Red Hood, make him an engaging villain. A tragic reminder of one of Bruce’s greatest mistakes/regrets. With the history they have, there are a number of great stories that could have been told if Jason was used as a straight up villain.

But to have him as this character that is both a part of the Bat Family but not really…making him another anit-hero mercenary willing to kill and to use guns despite the teachings imparted on him…it doesn’t make him interesting to me.


I don’t like the idea of Jason as a mercenary, personally. The blueprints for a good Red Hood were laid out in, well, Under the Hood. Jason works best as a criminal underworld figure trying to change organized crime from the inside, steering it away from children and innocents. He knows the system can never be eliminated, but unlike Batman, he wants to control it.


I agree with both of you. I think it would be way more interesting to have him as a villain/anti-villain at most. DC would need a extremely talented writer to be able to pull something like that off, though.

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