Unpopular Opinion: All CW shows are TRASH

I agree, CW is awful

Flash on the CW is the biggest wussy. EVERY EPISODE he’s crying actual tears for one reason or another. I guess having super speed and a really hot girlfriend is some kind of Terrible burden? Seriously dude needs to grow a pair.



While I agree, the dcu shows are better, they are R rated… ish. That frees them from what the CW can do. Given the restraints, I think the CW shows are amazing for what they have to work with

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Get out of here with that trash! I loved them all and I can’t wait for batwoman!


I’ll say this once.If you DON’T like something then don’t watch it!Plain & Simple!I’m not going to say I LOVE all the DC stuff on CW or even here on DCU.However I DO enjoy them.(about the only 1 I don’t really care for is Black Lightning!Story line doesn’t keep my attention.).Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy & leave it at that!

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