Unpopular Opinion: All CW shows are TRASH

Granted, Seasons 1-3 for Arrow, Flash, and Legends were alright. But man I like Doom Patrol and Swamp thing better than any of the CW’s best episodes. So disappointing that WB execs are like this. Plus cable television is DYING. You’re an idiot if you’re not investing all your resources and creativity into this platform/streaming service. What do y’all think? Prove me wrong😁


Legends of Tomorrow is a beautiful unicorn!!!


I don’t really find them interesting, they all follow the same basic format. Form team, defeat villain. Like most superhero shows. I do like Supergirl, but my interest is character-driven for the most part. I never got into the other CW shows.

CW isn’t a cable channel.

Even though I stopped following them consecutively, I still like the CW’s DC output. The CW is practically The DC, but with a few non-DC shows sprinkled about.

I’m a huge fan of the Arrowverse and that is an unnecessarily harsh statement. These shows are so full of comic book goodness. They feature so many DC characters, often interacting with each other. It’s awesome to watch. It’s a true living breathing DC universe and it’s beautiful.


Without the cw would DC TV be as popular as it is without arrow then flash would shows like Constantine Gotham Lucifer ever got a chance DC TV on cw is reason for these show on other networks


Even before the CW, you had the WB and Smallville, which I’d argue was the prototype for everything that came after. We had a serialized story about a superhero in prime time that was immensely popular. It even gave us our first live action Green Arrow, which gave the general audience enough of a understanding of the character that when a show about Green Arrow (albeit a different one in a different universe) was announced, there was an excitement rather than a “Who is Green Arrow?”

And look at the impact Arrow has had. We can say a Green Arrow solo show not only worked on network television but has gone past five seasons. It spawned The Flash which is an amazing show. We had Supergirl and while it wasn’t on the CW, for one night we had a CW show cross over with a CBS show when The Flash made an appearance. Legends of Tomorrow took characters from Arrow and Flash and put them together in a fun and unexpected action comedy. They folded Constantine into their universe despite NBC cancelling that show. And recently we’ve gotten Black Lightning and the upcoming Batwoman join the roster.

If the shows were really so bad, then how could all of this have happened? And why can’t you enjoy both the CW shows and the DCU shows? It’s not a contest and this isn’t a question of territory. You’re allowed to like them all. I believe you’re doing them an extreme disservice.


Do DCU subscribers pay enough to produce DCU streaming only content. No.

CWVERSE shows make revenue through commercial broadcast and streaming deals. If they just did streaming they would not make enough to cover production costs. It may be some time before DCU Originals make money.

So look at the economics, and you are dead wrong when it comes to DC branded content.

You really have to give credit where credit is due, and The CW deserves quite a bit for the superhero universe they have built. I would say they’ve even done a better job than their DCEU counterparts in that area. Are the shows built on questionable acting, underwhelming effects, and melodramatic storylines? Yes. Is there any other place (besides the comics) that fans can see characters like Green Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl teaming up? Not really. The Arrowverse is more/less DC’s MCU right now (at least until more movies take off hopefully), and though I don’t love all the shows/seasons, there really is a character/show for everyone to enjoy.

To the OP: Given that I think you think there’s some sort of “competition” between DC Universe and The CW, or that the existence of the CW shows - both Arrowverse and non-Arrowverse (since Black Lightning and the soon-to-conclude iZombie both occupy separate continuities from one another and from Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman) - when neither of those things are true, it’s kind of hard to take your comment seriously.

Trash is a bit strong, not good would be better I think. I thought Flash season 1 was excellent, Arrow season 2 and Legends season 2 were quite good also. The CW was getting a billion dollars from Netflix for the Arrowverse shows, this is why AT&T wants the DCU shows to be more CW like.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (& again), the Smallville blueprint that these shows are structured on has RAN IT’S COURSE! They’ve become unwatchable for me as well.

AT&T should stfu and look at what other streaming sites are offering. If I wanted a CW show I would just watch it for free on regular television or the free CW app. I mean, most network television shows pull in ten times the viewers that a CW show does. Netflix paid $100 million for Friends. Should DCU start making 3-camera sitcoms and using a laugh track? That isn’t what I’m looking for in a show based on DC characters.
I cant even imagine that conversation.

-“what should we aim for here? Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Daredevil, Punisher, something completely different?”
-“No, we’re thinking more network TV like”
-“Oh, something hugely successful like Big Bang Theory or This is Us?”
-“No, think lower tier. We’re thinking the top rated shows on the least watched network. I mean, they both say DC, soooo…”

I disagree wholeheartedly.


AT&T sure as hell should NOT stfu. It seems to escape your grasp but they are in business to make money.

Comic books and their associated tv are not mainstream serialized media. They aren’t. CW has worked out a formula that makes money and serves as the best gateway drug to DC comics and DCU.

Would DCU Originals content even been thought to be an option if CW didn’t have a 1 million plus fan base? That answer is a resounding no.

If you are a fan of any DCU Originals, you should be thanking the CWverse for making “the suits” care enough about DC live-action tv to do it in the first place.

DeSade bravo, encore
-stands and claps

I enjoyed Arrow season 1,2,5 Flash season 1 only, Legends of tommorow seasons 2 and 3. I’ve stopped watching all of them (I will watch crisis on Infinite earths)

I wouldn’t say its trash since while a lot of it is, there is a solid amount of good content in it

Crisis on Earth-X made me cry my eyes out. Twice. You know when.

Best moment from Crisis on Earth-X was right near the end:

Mick: Did you hit thst.
Sara: (Slapping Mick on the head) Shut up.

That was a priceless moment. Such a great definition of two characters in six words.