Unoffical 2019 DC Universe USER CENSUS

Curious to know a little more about you guys. So here’s some info about me, hopefully y’all will follow suit…

ID Handles: DCCOMICSINCRISIS also Adaman (Jay Lucien on YouTube. NO TWITTER)

From: Dallas, Texas, United States

Favorite DC Character: Hero- Superman Villian- Ra’s Al Ghul

Favorite DC Book/Story: Superman Exile (1988-89) Though I have ZERO proof this has to be some of the inspiration for Planet Hulk

Misc: Been a loyal and diehard fan of DC Comics since 1978 (98% of my life)

Feel free to add your own categories. :slight_smile:

“Thank you and good afternoon.”

Hey boss there’s a whole thread going in the watchtower. The mods started to get to know everyone. You should go post up and say hit to everyone.

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Cool, buddy. thank you

Thanks, @RobertDeBeero!

Here’s a link to the thread, @DCCOMICSINCRISIS: