Unleashing The Bat

Every one of us at one point in our lives have said or heard the famous two words “I’m Batman”. Whether it’s on the internet, joking with friends/family or dressing as him for Halloween.

For a while, I’ve been noticing a massive growth in people who have been using the character of Batman as a symbol for personal improvement. After the release of DC & WB’s The Batman (2022), it’s become more prominent. So prominent, I’m calling it “The Batman Boom”.

Go on YouTube, type Batman and I’ll bet my Bat-credit card, you’ll come across numerous content of people talking about their “Batman journey”, “How to be Batman” or “Why Do So Many Men Think Their Batman?” (Google will even show studies of this trend)

Batman has been a major inspiration in many people’s lives, each and every one of us learning from the Dark Knight in one way or another, no matter how great or stupid that lesson was. Some will find the hero as a motivator to work out. Some admire his level of intelligence & mental toughness and push themselves to learn.

And while Batman is a great example of self-improvement, I want to ask the question: What do you think of all this? Do you find inspiration in the Bat or do you have any characteristics that you find relatable with the Dark Knight? :batman:


I find the bat vety inspiational. Bats have an uncanny ability to see in the dark. They discover everything no matter how tough it seems.


While I’ve never personally tried to “become” Batman myself, I got into Batman during a time where I lost my best friend at school, a usual case where all my “friends” at school abandoned me in order to hang with the “cool” girls. It was the last two weeks of school and Batman gave me comfort. It was really the first time I turned to fiction to distract myself from the harsh realities of life, and as a result Batman has actually helped me with my relationships moving forward. Batman and everything that comes with the character (such as his supporting characters) helped me find my first boyfriend and a guy I started dating when I was ready to try dating again. The relationship I’m in now became official on Batman Day a few weeks ago.

I’m rambling, but Batman came to me during a time of loneliness, and still does to this day, and has helped me with getting close to people even if those relationships don’t last. Just like Batman, I’m never as alone as I think.


I’ve been wanting to be Batman since I was like 5 so I’m definitely not opposed to it.

When I was younger I wanted the bat cave and the Batmobile and the suit, but now it’s mainly the mental fortitude and physical strength I’m trying to get.

Oh yeah and Catwoman, def want my own Catwoman lol.


Considering that Batman is supposed to a regular person that worked hard to reach the very height and limits of what a person can accomplish, I can see someone finding inspiration or trying to become like Batman.

This is also a character that goes through a relatable journey regarding processing trauma. He starts off alone and very determined to control as much as possible. But over time learns to open up and create a new family and learns to some things go. Keep in mind, Bruce is clearly still dealing with a lot of issues. But that general journey that Batman represents is still there


I have been thinking lately, that Bruce Wayne would rather be Batman full-time.

Bruce Waynes’ life compared to Batmans’ is rather boring. along with being inconvenient to Batman, and having to come up with excuses as to why he looks like a mangled piece of meat or has gone missing for months on end.


My sis struggled with the same problem. She learned not to get too hurt by it, because she knows who will be the true friend who’ll actually want to stick around and values that friendship. Just like for her, that true friend will come around.


Don’t worry, you’re not rambling.


2022- to this year, was a bit of an eye-opener for me in terms of my personal problems. I’ve mentioned some of those in the past before and it’s been a struggle for me to get a hold of them, but I keep trying.

As cool as it may seem getting into your 20’s, it’s also a damn pain. You start to feel the pressure and expectations that everyone expects from you at a time you’re just starting out. But when you’re someone who has to pick up the slack and weight from someone of your previous generation (parent, relative, whatever), it becomes harder. You have the DNA of someone who has disappointed you and many others in the past, and you having that DNA, there are more eyes on you.

Knowing that Batman is the peak human being and being able to do all these things, I found inspiration in him. Am I going to be that peak human being? Very likely not lol. Am I going to be one of the smartest people in the world? Definitely not. But what I got inspired by was his willpower, and to push through all these complications and personal demons that he struggles with: he still does what he needs to do.

I have a lot of things that I feel need fixing. I feel the pressure and the expectations, and I found that many other people feel the same way, trying to improve themselves as people. Some of them found inspiration somewhere else, but for me it was the Bat and in a way it has worked. Some things in my life have become easier, more manageable, but I’m still learning.


I don’t know about the legality of making & having a Batmobile, but you can still totally build your own batcave lol


Some random Faulkner, stream of consciousness thoughts:

He’s an ordinary human who has attained the peak of the both mental and physical.

Bruce Wayne is the mask, Batman is who he really is. I wrote a long paper on this duality in college for psychology class.

I’ve been a Batman fan as long as I can remember and have always seen him as a great survivor and can apply his pure will to challenges of my own life. To paraphrase him, “ordinary people have limits, I don’t.”


I just call my car the Batmobile and put Batman stickers on it. My steering wheel covers, seat covers, and weather boards are Batman, and I have little Batmen hanging from my mirror.


Yeah probably isn’t legal to stick a jet engine to the back of a car lol

If I ever move to a place where I can have a basement I’m totally having my own bat cave.


Sadly, I can identify with Batman insofar as someone I loved suffered a violent death. It was partly because of the Batman mythology that I was able to survive. I figured if young Bruce not only made it through his parents’ murders but became something greater than before, then I could survive with a new purpose in life.


I think a lot of the appeal is that he is a man without superpowers holding his own on a team of gods. It gives us all a feeling of empowerment to think that a normal human is capable of reaching that level with training and drive. We can imagine ourselves on that path and it can motivate us in meeting our daily and lifetime goals.

I got into Batman in High School and college. Dark Knight Returns started it all. What an amazing time that was to be into comics. I only wish we had some kind of community back then instead of each of us alone with our feelings.


That is a really good point. Batman is someone that people of all ages can be inspired by. I think kids like him because of how cool he is fighting the bad guys. With adults, we can see more to him besides just the cool stuff he does.