What did you guys think about the first issue of the 3-part mini series, stemming from Dceased. I thought it was enjoyable I just hope the villains and heroes work together in the end.

I loved it! DCeased was one of my favorite books, so I was so hyped when I heard they would be visiting the world again. 2 of my favorite characters are the main players in this book, so I was smiling with excitement when I was reading this. I love how Slade’s regeneration stops him from being permanently infected.

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Loved it. I don’t recall Jason Todd and Cass Cain interacting before. The pairing was a lot of fun.

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Yeah I loved the idea that he could reverse the effects of the anti-virus. Not going to lie though I though he was going to turn Into a zombie because in Dceased they didn’t hold back on who turned.

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When will Unkillables be released here on DC Universe??

Issues are usually released on DC Universe 1 year after they hit shelves. So you can expect the first issue to show up here in February 2021.

Great stuff haha.