Who are some characters you feel are underrated and would like to see more of in any medium? Too many heroes don’t get enough representation. Or worse, some do and it doesn’t do the character justice. Who should DC show more love to?

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Bat-Mite and Harper Row

Connor Hawke, Oracle, Lady Shiva, and… oh yeah, THE QUESTION


All characters have something good about them, so in that sense, any character who isn’t appearing somewhat regularily is underrepresented imo. They could easily replace half of the Trinity character appearances with a lesser known character and make the Universe richer as far as I am concerned. Every time a writer lifts the pen to lazily scribble one of those names I wish they would pick up a DC character compendium and think “OR could I find someone else that might give me a more interesting spin on things.”

Question is definitely underutilized. :slight_smile:

I’d like Cassandra Cain to show up a little more in adaptations. She has a lot of potential as a character that nobody ever seems to want to take advantage of.

Also, in both comics and adaptations, the Riddler is criminally (so to speak) underutilized. The Arkham series showed us that he can be really entertaining while also fairly intimidating, but I guess writers just think he’s too silly.

Outside of Gotham City, I’d like to see more of Captain Atom. He only ever seems to pop up as Generic Government Superhero who does Generic Government Things.

Zatanna needs more love too. She’s a cool concept for a character who can’t even seem to hold down an ongoing for some reason.



Seriously though, someone earlier said Captain Atom and I have to agree

I think the Green Lantern(s) deserve more mention in film/tv.

I believe if they tried to focus on more heroes outside of the Trinity in their animated films, they would do a better job at giving other heroes the spotlight. I love the Trinity, but almost every animated film they come out with is focused on Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman.


@Jaik1299 I agree 100% the trinity gets too much attention that’s why a majority of people only know those 3 then a few others like Flash, J’onn, GL, and Arrow. Batman is good but he’s getting to be too over powered), Superman has had several different films and shows, and WW is in most animated films (as you stated). Cut into their massive time slots and spread that love to others

Hawkman and Booster Gold

Another character who’s been growing on me recently and never got a chance to shine is Azrael. After the end of Knightfall, they shunted him off to his own book but didn’t give him anything else important to do for years other than a bunch of No Man’s Land tie-ins. Then he got killed off when his series hit a hundred issues and wasn’t heard of again until the last couple years… where he’s still not getting used all that much, but at least he’s kind of, like, around. I guess.