Unable to Change Order in List

I submitted a ticket but was curious if anyone else has encountered/is encountering this and might know a workaround or what the issue is.

Basically, I can’t change the order of the comics in a list I made. I added issue #67 then #65, and only noticed after adding several other comics in. When I add #66 and go into my list and try to move its position between #65 and #67, but immediately goes back to the first position, and then locks me out of the the list completely for a period of time (it triggers the issue in this thread 3271646 (sorry, can’t post direct links) which supposedly was fixed but as of today I’m still having this issue).

Anyways, yeah - if anyone else has run into this or might know what’s going on, appreciate any feedback in case I can get this taken care of in case support can’t get back to me right away.