While readin a legion issue, the alfred uh oh message popped up. For whatever reason, i toggled twin sd and hd and it went away. Just a heads up for everyone.


Pardun my typing

Alfred goofed. It happens.

“Uh oh, It’s Alfred” a short lived 1983 sitcom about one man’s bumbling attempts to care for a young caped crusader and find love at the same time. Canceled following the infamous “Batmite” episode.

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That was on ABC, right?

Friday night

Original TV Guide entry for Batmite episode: Somehow Bruce has asked Vicky, Selina, and Pam all to the Prom, meanwhile Batmite keeps popping up in the most unexpected places.

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Sounds like a “its Friday night, so the mood is right” TGIF style Miller Boyett production.

Did Urkel guest star? He was ratings gold in the 90’s.

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We’ll all be laughin when this show pops up here in early summer next year

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I wonder what Alfred would think of Urkel.

“Master Bruce, that nerd you wanted to see is waiting for you in the foyer.”

Like Urkel would wait!

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Boodikhan if it shows up, we’re going to demand our cut!

Urkel wanders into the study

“Ooh, a red phone and with a cord! Hey, look at this bust!”

he knocks the bust off the table and sees the button that allows access to the Batcave, then pushes it

“Batpole access to the Batcave? Hmmm!” he slides down a Batpole

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After defeating the joker, urkel sneezes, bumps into the tub of laughin juice knockin it into the reservoir. He looks up at Bats and says, “DID I DO THAAAT?”. Bats mumbles about needin a batcrowbar for the utility belt…

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Robin asks Batman if can smack Urkel

“Yes chum. I think that’d be ideal.”

It is eventually revealed that Urkel is a 5th dimensional imp


You know…that makes sense.

Mxyzptlk is to Superman as Bat-Mite is to Batman…and Urkel is to Carl Winslow.


Ooo, good one there vroom

Frackin Urkel takes over every show he’s on, this was supposed to be about Alfred

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Yeeeah, this went all sideways and faraways from the reason i posted in the first place, but its been pretty dang cool readin it fly off the rails. Nite, turkeys.