Types shows and movies, character and anthology series

With all the comic book shows, I think I would rather see some anthology series vs a single character multi-season show. There are so many comic character’s out there in the DC & Marvel universe’s (sorry do not know if im in the wrong to talk about the MCU) that would be awesome as one to two episode stories. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow and the Marvel shows on TV and Netflix (not really including Legion, that just got to F’d up and hard to follow) and have not been able to watch the Hulu Marvel shows). And who says this always has to be shows about Hero’s, I sure I am not alone in this but, why not shows about the Villain’s (you know a Villain is the Hero of their own story). I think some one-shot shows about various character’s and some back stories would be amazing.

Who else would like to see a anthology type series where every episode or two was a differnt story about different characters and but not limit this to where you can not reuse a character. For example, I would love to see some live action Green Lantern stories about other members of the Green Lantern Corps (maybe a Kilawog or Soranik Natu back story) but I would not want to see a whole series. Maybe a couple of episodes about Lobo, Static Shock, J’onn J’onzz, Hawkman, etc.

I also think this would give an opportunity for Writers and Directors would would not normally get a chance to be on a larger show to get some stories out there. Just one thought, I would LOVE to see a live adaptation of Batman: The Widening Gyre (have Kevin Smith direct as he was the Writer), or have a short series about Batman Battle for cowl (A whole series based on the massive Battle for the cowl story arch where batman is thought to be dead or missing where hero’s and Villain’s alike come to Gotham to take over. where no story would actually have Batman, but would have stories based on everyone else {This was a series I was NUTS over, bought just about every story arch and one-shot}). Or an anthology series based on The Blackest Night (Blackest Night #0 is where my Comic journey started after reading the Dark Knight Returns, and yeah, I got everything blackest night there was). There were so many amazing short stories and one-shots for the Blackest Night. Or some short stories about all the other Lantern Corp’s, have a Larfleeze or Atrocitus story (Yes I would want a Dexstar story with that) .

So much great content out there (One-Shot’s, Story Arch’s, & on going series) to pull from. What do you think?

Great idea but I rather watch both styles. I don’t want Titans or other shows cancelled but an anthology show can co exist

No sir! I am not saying I do not want both types. I still like the big names having shows. But the other characters deserve their shot.

Alright then I agree about that

The arrowverse has made this possible. With the television multiverse in good standing for dc already they could just build off that premise and just do alternate universe story arcs. This also exists in the comics and has been used i.e. supergirl & powergirl or in the DCTVU the crossover from season 3 Crisis on Earth X

I’m all for a DC Universe Presents type anthology show. It would put the spotlight on many characters who have never been on TV (or have been in some cases but sparingly) and who may not have “enough going on” (for lack of a better way to put it) to have their own show.