Two movies a year is just right

I have to say, I don’t mind the rate that WB/DC is releasing its films. Two films in 2016 (Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad) and 2017 (Wonder Woman and Justice League). Aquaman last December (their only release of 2018) followed by Shazam in April and Joker in October. Next year we’ll have Birds Of Prey in February and Wonder Woman in June, and then two releases projected for 2021 (The Suicide Squad and The Batman).

Of course, there’s lots of TV and animated stuff coming out in between. But two a year, spring and fall or summer and winter, seems like a good way to keep new stuff coming out but have it still feel like an event.


It would be better if those two releases were both going toward building the larger DCEU (or whatever it’s actually called). And while two movies a year is a good start, it’d be even better to see WB get to 3 a year to really push this universe forward. Then again, w/ all the emphasis on standalone DCEU films, it doesn’t even seem like they’re concerned w/ building a connected cinematic universe anymore


I’m really okay with that, especially with how much I enjoyed Joker. But I’m not much of a stickler for continuity, anyway.


Definitely, I really want a build up. I mean, i’ll take what I can get but continuations are just so much more satisfying than one shots.


Exactly. It seems like WB has looked at the failure of the Snyder movies and the success of the standalone ones and determined that the latter is the best path for them. Just because your initial attempt to create a connected cinematic universe didn’t go over well with most people, that doesn’t mean you should just abandon it. It can be done if they bring in right people, but I still worry that they’re learning the wrong lessons from Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Joker

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Yeah, sometimes continuity can end up restricting the freedom to tell a good story.

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Sometimes it can, sure. But to me, the best stories are still the ones that have an intricate continuity w/ plenty of buildup and payoff. When you can get a group of talented and passionate people together and on the same page, you have the potential to create something truly amazing

I don’t want to see DC doing what Marvel just did when they had one movie still in theatres when the next one opens. That’s why I like the two a year schedule. As for the films building on each other, I guess that comes down to personal preference. In that situation Joker never gets made because WB only green lights something that builds on Shazam. I’ll take the one-off approach if it means more interesting movies.

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No that is too rigid; you consider the sequels, the new stories we want; it will a very long time until some would get to the screen. I’m okay with 2 in a year if that is how the timing works, but I also think 4 in a year (not every year) would be fine.

I’ll be honest, I would’ve loved it if Joker never got made. I know that’s an unpopular opinion, but I’ll just never understand the point of a Joker movie that’s completely separated from Batman. And yeah, personal preference is a big part of all this. I’d love to see DC movies roll out similar to what the MCU has done. I just prefer seeing storytelling where the plot is going somewhere in the long run. Isolated stories can be great, and many times are, but a connected cinematic universe is still my dream for DC