tvline announcement on cw crisis

Tom welling hss signed up to play his smallville role


Could Not be Happier

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Even if these appearances by people like Welling, Ward, Routh, Shipp, Conroy and others end up being small cameos, just that we have this and we have Crisis is amazing!

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The actors had been hinting at it for a long time. Glad that it’s finally official. Maybe we’ll get cameos from more Smallville actors. I’d love to see Lana on screen again.


I too would love to see Smallville’s Lana again.

I’m glad Tom Welling is reprising his role. I would assume he’ll be in his Superman garb too.

Curious to see how they’re going to pull this off. 5 episodes (what… 4 hours of tv?) doesn’t seem like enough time to handle this many characters with that big of a scope. Rooting for them though!

@Vroom, it’s not clear from the announcement whether we’ll see Welling in full costume… would be cool if that is the case… though I have yet to watch a single episode of Smallville.

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I wonder what other surprises are in store. With all these Supermen showing up, maybe Michael Rosenbaum and Clancy Brown will appear as other versions of Lex Luthor.


@Moro I don’t know, the last couple of Avengers movies had a large amount of characters and were huge in scope.

@ralphsix, very true. I did think of that when I commented. I guess the difference is we had seen those Marvel characters all along as part of the overall story arc, while these CW announcement seem like “insertions” so to speak. Still excited though. I shouldn’t be complaining when we’re getting so much Superman on the screen :slightly_smiling_face:. What’s wrong with me?

How the universe will have changed if Tom Welling actually decided to wear the whole super-suit, as opposed to just the shirt and a GGI cape.

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New news coming 2 minutes another smallville cast member is returning no not rosenbaum not yet sighs

I’m beyond excited about Tom and Erica joining the Crisis crossover. I’m wondering if we will get Michael, or if they are able to get a Justin Hartley cameo in. I’m curious if they will reference Smallville S11 comic book run. In that comic book run, there was a multiverse crisis and Lex contacted his other Earth counterparts.

@moro, I totally recommend watching Smallville one of these days. Granted it’s ten seasons long, but it’s one of the best comic books out there. It has flaws of course, but there is so much greatness about the show.