TV Series Filming Schedule

Hey folks,
So i’m curious, for those who know, are the DC tv series shot and filmed all at once? So when the show debuts, are all the episodes already in filmed and in the can? Or are they still filming the later episodes when the first episode drops? I initially thought that the entire season was filmed before it is released, but I’m curious if this is true…

I believe that later episodes are still being filmed even as the season begins to air for most 20ish episode network type shows

I know the cw shows like arrow flash start filming 2nd week of July then film like that mostly takes about a week to film 1 ep I believe

My bad I looked it up it takes 10 days to film 1 ep

On a standard 22-24 episode series, the answer is definitely a yes.

They are a production line. The biggest thing is that they may have shot some footage for later episodes early. You’d generally try to film all the scenes on a location set at the same time as possible just to save money. The same would be true for a season specific set. Like the Sekada cabin. Build that set and shoot everything over the course of a few days. Then it can be torn down and something else built there.

In a shorter series 10-15 episode variety. You might be fine shooting when the first show drops, but are likely still in post production on later episodes.

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