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What comic is Human Target Based off of?

It’s based off the feature Human Target, which appeared as a back up feature in Action Comics in the Seventies and in Detective Comics from the Seventies to the Eighties. There was also a Vertigo title based on the original back up feature that ran from 2004 to 2005, I think.

I cant seem to find the comic in the app, the human target comic I found came out after the tv show

You might see if they have Action Comics no. 419 (December 1972) to Action Comics no. 432 (February 1974) here, as well as Detective Comics no. 483 (April-May 1979) to Detective Comics no. 515 (June 1982). The Human Target appears in most issues of those runs of those magazines.

Human Target was a character that showed up in a bunch of back-ups that it looks like @mercurie80 has already beat me to mentioning. That said, if you want the interpretation that the TV show was based primarily on, there was a Vertigo revisioning of the concept that ran in the mid-2000s, if I’m not mistaken. Like everything else Vertigo, it’s not on the app, but it’s available on ComiXology and in trade paperback format if you like to read in print.

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It is funny that for a character that it would be kind to call a D list hero he actually has had 2 TV adaptions. That wasn’t even his first one, he had a tv series in the 90’s also… heck at that time the Vertigo title hadn’t even happened yet. He even was in Arrow. And yeah, the Arrowverse is full of obscure characters being adapted, but it is always funny to me that such an obscure character has had that many chances on TV when on paper he probably shouldn’t have had any.

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It is odd that Human Target has appeared multiple times on television. I mean, at the time of the 1992 TV series with Rick Springfield, Human Target had only been a back up in other character’s titles. It really seems odd when you consider the fact that in 1992 most A-list comic books hadn’t yet had a television series or movie based on them!