Trying to get into DC Comics

Most of my love for DC has come from the animated shows, movies and CW shows. But I want more I just got into Justice League Dark, I am a huge Batman fan. If you guys have any other recommendations by all means!!


Green Lantern has a whole animated series that’s really good. For some reason it isn’t on here but it’s on Hulu

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Well if you’re looking into Batman comic books you can’t go wrong with hush, the long Halloween, death in the family, Return of red hood And if you want to get to know different characters the encyclopedia on here is great look up Constantine, the question, detective champ,Swamp thing and so many more but this is cool just to get you started

My personal favorite Batman GN is “The Man Who Laughs”. Also “The Dark Knight Returns” is considered to be the best by most people (The animated movie is a pretty accurate representation, but I love the comic artwork for the Superman panels). “Dark Victory” is also a pretty solid story.

Try the Batman beyond rebirth, Batman rebirth, Batman eternal is a little older arc but it’s great. Honestly go to a comic shop buy a few issues that interest you and go with it. But go to a comic shop and buy your first comics don’t do the digital thing. The experience of buying the comics and going home and reading and getting a feel for the comics is truly the greatest experience. But good luck bud

Think of your favorite non-DC comics, look up who the writer was, and see if that writer has done any books for DC. I started out loving DC (Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League) and followed my favorite writers like Mark Waid and Peter David to other comics universes, which served as a great introduction for me.

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I think it’s a great time to jump on Action Comics and Superman. Brian Michael Bendis is doing a great job.

Court of owls for Batman. All of the rebirth run for Superman by Tomasi

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The dark knight returns, Watchmen, Batman year one, the killing joke, Alan Moore’s swamp thing


Batman Hush is a really great comic book to start out with.

Armaced hit it on the nose. Check out the Stories written and drawn by your favorite writers and artists. This is a fail safe way to get into liking new (to you) characters and ideas.

Once they get it all sorted I recommend reading the Death and Return of Superman. While its focused mainly on the Superman family of characters (duh) it has plenty of guest spots and paves the way for a lot of other stuff moving forward (especially in Green Lantern).

I always say that if you watched BTAS you should start with HUSH. This one has all characters you already know but gives you a good idea about the rest of the universe. It also happens to be freakn Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee so you really are starting on a high note

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. One of the most artistic stories written and visually amazing but might mess with your head. Also a must read is Kingdom Come.

If it ever actually gets put in the library being that you’re a Batman fan I would suggest the entire DC metal story arc. With all of the tie-ins and one-offs. I mean what’s better for a Batman fan then 7 evil Batmen

Honestly I think a great place to start would be Crisis on Infinite Earths. I still rank it as the most important story to date as it shaped most everything up to the New 52.

Court of owls is a great book to start. Injustice is a great way to see all the charectors and it keeps you hooked, very fun book. Batman year one, really you cant go wrong. Start with the freebies here and you will find something.

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Bats is my favorite hero I would recommend Frank Miller’s year one or Jeff Lobe Long Halloween. For the guy who said Hush I would put that off until you have read a couple book. For Superman I would say Superman for all seasons then All star Superman. For Green Lantern go with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp. I don’t read Wonder Woman so no suggestions. I want to get back into Spiderman any suggestions I have read the Ultimate Spiderman, Clone saga, and all the 60s and some of the 80s. I head the latest Spectacular Spiderman is good. I know this is a DC board so please don’t kill me thank you.

I only got back into reading comics two years ago and am also a big Batman fan. Hush was mentioned above, and I would also rec it as a great story. Court of Owls by Scott Snyder, Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, Tom Kings recent run which is now on issue #54. If you like Dick Grayson in addition to Bruce Wayne Batman: Battle for the Cowl is good. It deals with the aftermath of everyone believing Bruce is dead and Dick Grayson eventually becoming Batman. That is followed by Grant Morrison’s awesome Batman & Robin run with Dick Grayson as Batman. I know it is a jump from Batman but Venditti’s 50 issue Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp was AWESOME. Wasn’t a huge Lantern fan but I couldn’t stop reading it and over a weekend comixology took all my money lol. Nightwing (1996) is good too.

I’m a newbie myself; I only got into DC comics around 2009, but didn’t have money to spend on comics until recently.

I’ll level with you: there’s too much. There’s over 75 years worth of comics to read and unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands, you have to learn to be selective and accept that there will be things you will miss.

I personally started with New 52. Why? Because it’s a reboot that starts at the beginning of a new timeline and was designed specifically for a new generation of comic book readers. It’s not perfect, but I enjoy it. I would suggested looking up reading orders online so you know what to read first because The New 52 tries to connect ALL of it’s stories together up until Rebirth, so a reading order will save you some time and confusion.

Of course every now and then, I dip into some classic pre-New 52 essentials like Batman Year One or Blackest Knight, because those comics are amazing.

So TLDR: wanna get your feet wet, start with The New 52 and go from there.

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