Trying to celebrate Wonder Woman’s day but content is poor

Why aint no more Wonder Woman comics. Come on, she is one of the three central characters of the universe.


I totally agree!


Shameless plug, but I wrote an article for the website detailing some great overlooked Wonder Woman moments you can find on here
There’s also Superfriends, and the original 1970’s tv movie…
If you haven’t already though, I had lots of fun rereading her Golden Age stuff.


I don’t know…digital first content, the first arc of her New 52 series, her first animated movie, episodes of TV shows she figured into prominently, miscellaneous bric-a-brac. Looks good to me.

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It’s disappointing that they couldn’t get the rights for the live action movie (at least for the weekend). I could of sworn I saw Gal Gadot in one of the DCU promos, but maybe that’s my mind playing tricks on me.

I think Gal Gadot was intervieweed by that DC Daily special Kevin Smith did.

I do agree while not a horrible selection I wish they had a bit more on the comic side. They have some good stuff. Just wish she got closer to the representation Batman and Superman got. Although to be fair… Wonder Woman comics for most of their live, especially before the 2000’s was not very good most of the time. I mean I am not knocking Wonder Woman, but sometimes I wonder if the writers for the first 60 years of her existence even KNEW women. Her Golden and Silver age stories in particular are just embarrassingly bad. And the reason Huntress never got her own series during the time she was in Wonder Woman is because her backup was selling more copies then the Wonder Woman stories.

@joshualapinbertone. I loved your article. Her New 52 entrance was one of my favorites too.