Trust Issues: Which Show Works Your Nerves The Hardest?

It’s funny watching the DC Daily cast discuss the latest episodes of the DCU Originals, as they debate the finer points of each viewing, from plot to character to the comic book roots of each story.

But I’ve noticed that they’re not exactly a trusting lot.

And neither are we, especially when you look at some of the Watch Along commentary over the last year. We’ve become so certain that every new face must be evil incarnate, ready to torture our favorite characters, no matter how innocent he or she may seem on the outside.

So from Raven’s mom to Dr. Jace to Silas Stone, which show brings you closest to the edge of your sanity on a week by week basis? Which show has inflicted upon you the most painful scars of betrayal?


For me, it’s Young Justice. But I suppose that’s because of THREE seasons of lies and betrayals and secrets and heelturns and reveals and … and …

… and I need therapy.


Probably Titans just because I don’t care for what they’re doing with the characters.

But of course Doom Patrol has scenes like the wrong flex and every scene with Bird Hunter so…

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TITANS. In season 1 watch-alongs, we found out that no one was to be trusted. I wonder if the same will continue for season 2.


If were talking any show, its arrow. That show has worked my nerve for the past 3 years, but i hang in there as a true fan.

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Probably Titans. Yes there’s plenty of betrayal in YJ to go around, but I always see it coming. I have to admit the Ravens mom in Titans betrayal was a bit of a knife twist.


Yeah, Titans. I fought thinking Raven’s mom really was evil the whole way!


Krypton, especially season 1.


Black Lightning for me, the only"honest" person on the show is Tobias Whale. Everyone in the Pierce family has a secret.

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The Flash. Each season it seems like there is a new character who isn’t who they appear to be.

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Like Beagle said, Flash had some good ones. So did Arrow though too. Adrian Chase and Emiko are a couple people who we just didn’t see becoming evil til it was too late!


Gosh the Adrian Chase switch broke me. He was such a likable guy, and using the vigilante’s name threw off a lot of us. I was really hoping he’d stick around as a bad-A on the good side.

Titans Season 1.

Families, soup kitchens, parents, nuns… trust No One in the Titans universe!!!


Gotham: I mean you’re kinda asking for it if you’re choosing to live there but everyone backstabs each other every episodes. Old enemies become friends only to become enemies again every season… and I love it.

Flash: Wells, Killer Frost and Jay Garrick betrayals galore. Hell even Barry turns evil or a version of him does.

Titans: Soup Kitchens, Detroit Police moles, the Nuns, The Chief, Kory, Angela, Trigon … the demon girl had a rough season

Arrow: Slade, Malcome, and Chase were all friends of Oliver.

Smallville: Clark and Lex were friends

If we’re allowed to pick non-superhero related shows, Breaking Bad and The Good Place.
One has characters who all slowly slink into the mud until they’ve betrayed all they were before.
And the other is so unpredictable its very premise was a lie.