Trunks or No Trunks

Do you like the classic look of heros with trunks or more of a modern look without trunks.


I’m happy with either one. To me they neither make or break a character.


As long as it’s done well, anything goes for me. I do prefer the trunks on Supes, because I feel the character lends himself really well to a classic look. However, I did like the New 52 suit with no trunks. On the other hand characters like Batman (especially with all his hi tech gadgets) tend to look better in more modern type suits…though again I love his classic gray & blue suit with the yellow oval. I guess, depends on the character and the context in which the story is told.

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Red trunks on Superman, because that looks best to me. As for other characters, I am not so picky in most cases.

If I were designing a costume for myself, there would be no trunks. I am more the polo shirt, or tee shirt, and jeans type myself, but would probably figure out a better costume than that, if I became a superhero.

But other than stopping to put out a car fire, or help someone pick up chucks of roofing tar off the freeway, or stopping to push a car to a safer location on a freeway, I really am not a super hero. Just someone that will stop to help when someone is in need of help. I do not go out looking for trouble.

I once joked though, that when I put out that car fire, my cape was my hair flying in the wind behind me, as I ran to put the fire out. I had really long hair at the time. :wink:


I’m a trunk devotee. I won’t argue that they’re silly looking, but they break up all the blue/grey on Superman and Batman’s otherwise very plain costumes. They’ve also been there since the characters were introduced, so it’s the sort of thing that can be grandfathered in to acknowledge the history without being too awkward.

I have always thought that they should be drawn extending further down the legs so they look more like shorts than underwear, though.

I wouldn’t mind the lack of trunks on Superman if his belt was red (or yellow with a red buckle).

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I’m old school I prefer the trunks. Having said that I did enjoy Superman’s look in Rebirth.



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Trunks are an essential part of a superhero costume. I can remember (and I am pretty sure you guys did this too) being a little kid and wearing my underwear over my trousers as that is what Superman does. I definitely have not done this in my 30’s ever. :smirk:


I never wore my drawers over my pants when I was little.

Now wearing a towel around my neck while watching Adventures of Superman on Nick at Nite? To quote Randy “Macho Man” Savage: “Oh yeeeaaaahh!”


@Harleys Puddin Underoos, red dress socks, and a dime store cape. That was the way to do it back in the day! :rofl:

I do not clearly recall wearing underwear over pants, a fragment piece of memory suggest that I might have tried it once though, however, I do clearly recall towels as capes when I was a kid, right after watching Batman on a black and white TV. This was back in 1968, while Batman was still running fresh episodes.


In context, either or is fine. If it’s a more classic-style design for a classic superhero, the trunks and cape combo is where it’s at. However, for more contemporary heroes and anti-heroes, I’d expect time to march forth, as well as fashion. Personally, I prefer more variety in costume designs.

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No trunks! Friggin grown men wearin underwear on the outside of their pants…:man_facepalming:t2::joy:

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No trunks!


Batman’s look can work with or without them. Part of me prefers the trunks, but I didn’t have much of a problem when he changed his suit to forego them (this was before Flashpoint. I want to say it was the Troika storyline, but it may’ve been after he took the mantel back from Jean-Paul Valley).

Superman’s costume works better with than without. His New52 suit looked like armored onesie, though his Rebirth look did manage to approach the kind of color balance the trunks provided, as a “close enough” sort of compromise. But truthfully, I’m glad the trunks are back.

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No trunks. I used to be pro trunks but New 52 and MoS changed my mind.

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While I prefer them I think Batman can get away with not having them but Superman definitely needs to have them.

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Superman trunks.

Batman, whatever, he changes his trunks as often as he changes his underwear.