Trouble at Home: Tyler Hoechlin on Clark Kent's Season Two Struggles

Superman & Lois’s Clark Kent has a lot on his plate. He’s saving the world as Superman while trying to manage two teenage boys, take time out for his wife, and help out his new barnmates John and Nat. As if that wasn’t enough, something powerful and destructive has been lurking in the Smallville mines, and whatever it is seems to have a seriously painful tie to the Man of Steel. In short, a lot has been going down on the latest season of the smash DCTV series…and we’re only two episodes in! To help us make sense of all the chaos happening in the supposedly sleepy town of Smallville, we talked to series co-lead Tyler Hoechlin about how Clark is dealing with it all.

To read the interview with Tyler Hoechlin, head over to DC Comics!

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You know what, I have not been keeping up with it. I’m quite bad at watching TV shows. However, last night I decided to watch some more of season one. I watched from episode 4 to 7 I want to say. I got really into it!