Trivia WEDNESDAY, 9/28 @ 2 PM PT/5 PM ET: Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Hullabaloo!

Hiya folks! This week for Trivia Tuesday, we’re playing the game on Wednesday! That’s because I have a flight at the usual time, so Harley’s allowed me to defer trivia an extra day so we can all be together. Why? Because this week we’re celebrating the 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEBUT OF HARLEY QUINN! Dirty Thirty, baby! So let’s all join together to see who knows our babygirl of brigandry best!


  • Starting at 2:00pm PST on September 28th, trivia questions will be posted by me in the comments below.
  • One new question will be posted from the start time and every 5 minutes afterward, until 24 questions have been asked.
  • The first person to correctly answer each question receives a point.
  • At some point, the game may enter a SPEED FORCE ROUND, where questions begin to appear faster.
  • Whoever has the most points after 24 questions wins the game, and receives an exclusive RIDDLER BADGE to wear on their Community Profile. 8-the-riddler _ BADGE SM
  • Not the winner? You may have better luck next week… schedule permitting, everyone who scores at least one point may be entered in a random drawing to select a future topic.
  • Only one guess is allowed per person, per question.
  • Do not go back and edit your original guesses.
  • In the event of a tie game… something interesting happens.

Who among you will emerge triumphant in the winner’s circle? To find out, you’ll have to ANSWER… THE QUESTION!


Detective7 [9]
HyenaCityAnswer [5]
casasstrophe [4]
the_Rubber_Bandit [1]
DreamingGirlWonder [1]
HubCityQuestion [1]

I was just coming here to say I would be late Tuesday. Only to see it is Wednesday this week. I will still be late though. But I will still be here! :sweat_smile:


Great son. I know you can still win.


I was gonna have to leave early on tuesday! now ill be able to stay the whole time



More victims for the clan.


I most likely won’t be able to attend tomorrow. So good luck to everyone else!


Oh it move to Wednesday, hey @HubCityQuestion, I’ve got a good Harley Quinn question to ask, but just in case I better not ask just in case you’re going to ask it. :smiley:


Let me guess. The question is- “How did she raise such perfect pets?”

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Nope sorry, that’s not it. Also I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to make it to the trivia game. :frowning:
Have fun.:slightly_smiling_face:


I am here. If only typing were easier with paws instead of hands.

Happy Harleydays! Let’s make 'em laugh!

Q1. In Harley Quinn: Black and White and Red, Harley tells a bedtime story to Bud and Lou about founding which fast food chain?

Burger King

I cannot read that.

You’ve got the right issue, but the correct answer is “STARRO BURGER!”

I could not find a name anywhere.

It’s in that issue! Hell, it’s in that panel twice!

Q2. What museum is located in the building Harley owns on Coney Island?

Harley Davidson

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madame macabre’s house of wax and murder museum

I have no clue. Also I’ll only be able to attend for the first 30 minutes.