Trivia Tuesday, 9/7 @ 2 PM PST/5 PM EST: DC Through the Decades

Hop into your Time Sphere and take a trip with us through DC history! For The next stop on our Road to DC Fandome is all about “Legacy,” we’ll be exploring “DC Through the Decades”, with a series of questions on the landmarks of each 10 year period in DC history! But as always, only one champion can walk away with the coveted Riddler Badge.


  • Starting at 2:00pm PST on Tuesday September 7th, trivia questions will be posted by me in the comments below.
  • One new question will be posted from the start time and every 5 minutes afterward, until 2 hours have elapsed.
  • The first person to correctly answer each question receives a point.
  • Whoever has the most points after 24 questions wins the game, and receives an exclusive RIDDLER BADGE to wear on their Community Profile. 8-the-riddler _ BADGE SM
  • Only one guess is allowed per person, per question.
  • Do not go back and edit your original guesses.
  • In the event of a tie game… something interesting happens.

Who among you will emerge triumphant in the winner’s circle? To find out, you’ll have to ANSWER… THE QUESTION!


MisfitCMJ - 6
patterson65.37405 - 4
Detective7 - 4
Row.Harper - 4
TheRealDetectiveChimp - 2
SpoilerAlert88 - 2
zontarr.26192 - 2
Starman814 - 2
casasstrophe - 1
a67superman.80943 - 0
NYJt3 - 0
Lois_Sane - 0
ElMosque2019 - 0

Still battling the Villanous Ida. I will try to wrap it up by then.


hey am I too late to do the triva

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It starts in just under an hour!

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cool this is my first time doing this


Good luck!

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I guess I’ll see if I can beat my personal best from a couple of weeks ago.

I’m really excited for this, but please note, that if I win the drawing I would like to give the prize to whoever won.

No drawing this week again, sorry! We’re still working out the logistics on the back end. We’ll try to have it set up for next time.

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Is this trivia going to be only about DC Comics, or will it also involve movies, TV, etc.?

The whole caboodle!

Thanks! I guess we all had better be ready.

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That’s the best part of the game!


I’m here!


But where is here…and is where?


Glad you could make it!

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Here is wherever I am.

Thanks! Glad to be here!

“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

Buckaroo Bonzai


Music… it is here.