Trivia Tuesday, 7/28 @ 2PM PST/5 PM EST: ALL-STAR WESTERN!

Amadeus arkham

Miss America

Black rider

Exciting! But please, stay on topic.

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miss america

Miss America

gotcha, just thought it was worth sharing

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Nope! Miss America came much later (at least in the internal DCU timeline)!

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Liberty Belle

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Liberty Belle also came later!

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Nope! That’s about a century later than the Revolution.

The correct answer was MISS LIBERTY! Also known as Lady Liberty.

Q3. The animated short DC Showcase: Jonah Hex was originally released alongside which animated film?

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Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Batman Gothic Knights

Didn’t think my answer through haha I know they come out with other movies then are collected. Dang it

Public enemies?

That’s TWO points you’ve got! Gotta match your antiheroes.


Batman Under the Red Hood