Trivia Tuesday, 11/26 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST — Harley Quinn!

Trivia Tuesday, 11/26 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST — Harley Quinn!

Happy Harleydays, ladies and jerks! To celebrate the pending premiere of Harley’s original animated series, I’ll be grilling you for two hours straight in our BRAND NEW TIME SLOT of 3:00 PM-5:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM-8:00 PM EST. Be the first to answer the questions correctly as they appear in the comments below, and you’ll receive a point on a scoreboard maintained right here on this opening post! For any incorrectly or unanswered questions, the correct answers will be provided as time on each question expires. Whoever has the most points by the end of the competition is the winner of Trivia Tuesday - and a shiny new profile badge!

(Please note: only one guess is allowed per contestant for every question. Any additional guesses by the same poster will be disqualified, correct or not.)

This is going to be a special one, a little different from contests we’ve run before. But to find out exactly how, you’ll have to be here when it happens! Who amongst you will emerge triumphant in the winner’s circle? To find out, you’ll have to ANSWER… THE QUESTION!


Noyo — 10
ReaganFan78 — 5
MisfitH — 1
HubCityQuestion — 1
ComoChingadosNo — 1
superherowade — 1
khristian012 — 1

I can’t wait! I wish I can ask one Harley Quinn question just for the fun of it but I’m guessing you got all the questions planned out and don’t want to mess with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You must do battle without me, I fear… may the contestant with the funnest sledge hammer win!

But because I am a trivia by HubCityQuestion fanatic— I will do an absentee answer!



But HCQ is tricky— so the answer will probably be Sh–

broadcast interrupted


@MisfitH is already on the board, with one point before the game even starts! Who among you can defeat him…? Let’s find out in 3 and a half hours!


I’ll be at work for this one, so just wanted to swing by and wish good luck to all the contestants playing today!

I’ll tune in towards the end to see what category next week’s game will be

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1 more hour to go! A question for you @HubCityQuestion When did Harley make her first comic book appearance? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Reaganfan78: Batman Adventures #12 as a tie-in to BTAS, and Batman: Harley Quinn #1 as part of regular continuity!


You got it! :grinning: You should give yourself a point.

If you insist!

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So how’s this work? Prizes or just bragging rights? Lol

The first place winner gets an exclusive profile badge!

Any specific reason for the time change? @HubCityQuestion

@Noyo A lot of people have voiced their concern that the previous time was too early for them to participate, so we’re trying it later this week.


Sounds good! I was just curious.

20 minutes to go! Watch the comments for the first slate of questions!

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It’s just me saying, I’d like it better when it was 1:00 PST, 3:00 is a bit late for me.


Let’s get this show on the road!!!


I’m going to list TWELVE (12) quotes from Harley Quinn, all of which can be found SOMEWHERE on DC Universe. Your mission: tell me the exact issue or video where each can be found! A point for each one that you are the first to identify! In one hour, time will be UP, and I’ll post a second set of quotes. Whoever gets the most wins the game! Good luck! :harley_hv_7:

  1. “How comes I never noticed this thing weighs, like, a hundred tons before?!” [CLAIMED! Convergence: Harley Quinn #1 @superherowade]
  2. “I got an itch I thought you could help me scratch, cowboy…” [CLAIMED! Batman: Assault on Arkham @Noyo]
  3. “When I get outta here… I’m gonna make cold cuts outta you with a band saw… an’ then I’m gonna feed yer scrawny slices ta my fuzzy babies… an’ I’m gonna enjoy every tasty damn minute of it.”
  4. “That was a long time ago, he’s changed! We’ve been to couples’ counseling!” [CLAIMED! Justice League, “Wild Cards” @Noyo]
  5. “…See, by playing ourselves in the scene, we express the total Sang-Froidian ‘mice-in-scene’ of our inner psychos. It’s very ‘David Lynch.’”
  6. “Sweetie, get Mommy’s bazooka!” [CLAIMED! Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, @Reaganfan78]
  7. “LEMON GANACHE!” [CLAIMED! Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn @ComoChingadosNo]
  8. “I mean, really, he is the perfect child for the busy career woman. Low maintenance. No sleep deprivation. They don’t live long enough to borrow the car.” [CLAIMED! Birds of Prey, “Three Birds and a Baby” @Noyo]
  9. “This boldly goin’ where no one wants ta be is makin’ me hungry.”
  10. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! We- we killed him! …Oh, well.” [CLAIMED! The New Batman Adventures, “Holiday Knights” @Reaganfan78]
  11. “Sweet Superman’s balls! I got sent back in time!” [CLAIMED! Harley’s Little Black Book #4 @Noyo]
  12. “I want a lawyer! I want a doctor! I want a cheese sandwich!” [CLAIMED! Superman: The Animated Series, “World’s Finest” @Noyo]