**Trivia Tuesday, 11/12 4:00 PM EST: Green Lantern Corps!**

TRIVIA TUESDAY, 11/12 4:00 PM EST: Green Lantern Corps!

Fall in, Poozers! This week’s Trivia Tuesday is all about the GREEN LANTERN CORPS. This week, we’ll be doing a new, exciting mix between the Scavenger Hunts and Trivia questions of yore… I don’t want to give away the game just yet, but this Tuesday at 4:00 PM EST be ready for anything!

Here’s what you CAN expect: questions will fly fast and hard for two hours, with points on a continuously edited scoreboard on this opening post being awarded to the first correct answer to each question. (Only ONE answer is allowed from each poster per question… no multiple guesses.)


At 4:00 PM EST, I will post pictures of TWELVE members of the Green Lantern Corps. Your job: be the first to identify them by name! A second group of twelve will be posted at 5:00 PM EST. Whoever claims the most wins!

Whoever has the most points by the end of the competition emerges this week’s winner of Trivia Tuesday - and a shiny new profile badge!

Who amongst you will arrive triumphant in the winner’s circle? To find out, you’ll have to ANSWER… THE QUESTION!


joshtheblueguy — 11
khristian012 — 7
Beagle — 3
Noyo — 3
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@ChillTeenTitan this is what I was telling you about!

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In just over 23 HOURS, the competition begins!

‘In Brigthest Days, in blackest night,
No question can be that tough,
Let those who speedtype beware,
my power, Green Lantern Fight!’

:grin:Hope I can make it, I’ll try to be there.


Just over two hours to showtime…!

28 minutes to go!

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I don’t know anything about Green Latern but I’ll still looking forward to this and maybe learning stuff :smile:

I’m still at work I won’t get a chance to participate but I salute all our fellow lanterns in their efforts :grin:

Here we go, folks! Part 1 of our Green Lantern Corps Trivia Tuesday! I’ll be posting a series of twelve photos of illustrious members of the Green Lantern Corps. Whoever identifies any of them first receives a point for each! A second batch will be released in one hour. Best of luck!

IMAGE #1: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #2: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #3: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #4: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #5: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #6: CLAIMED! @khristian012

IMAGE #7: CLAIMED! @khristian012

IMAGE #8: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #9: CLAIMED! @Beagle

IMAGE #10: CLAIMED! @joshtheblueguy

IMAGE #11: CLAIMED! @khristian012

IMAGE #12: CLAIMED! @Beagle

  1. Medyphll 2. Ka-Ro 3. green man 4. Galius Zed 7. tomar tu 9. ekron

@joshtheblueguy gets 1, 2, 3, and 4! His guesses for 7 and 9 are incorrect.

8 is Kaja Dox

  1. Isamot

@joshtheblueguy gets #8! @khristian012 is on the board with #11, Isamot Kol!

Shhhh don’t tell my boss I’m here


Your secret’s safe with us.

Is 10 Relok Hag?

#10 IS Relok Hag! @joshtheblueguy is lighting it up green!