Trivia MONDAY, 4/13 @ 2 PM PT/5 PM ET: Catwoman 80th Anniversary!

Thank you again! Have a good day! Thanks for being a great moderator!


How do I get to clearence level 3?

Wait it was yesterday.
Should have read the fine print.
Oh well congrats to the winner, and joker sound fun.

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By being active on the forums, you’ll get there in no time! You can find out all about Clearance Levels here:


I just got there, but also I was wondering, I read all comments in a forum that had more than 100 comments, shouldn’t I get a badge for that?

I’ve been living and breathing Catwoman all week and took a break from an article to browse the boards. I came across this and I wanted to say WELL DONE. Great questions HCQ! And kudos for putting some GOTHAM rep in there.