Trial of the Amazons | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead

No spoilers, but from one WG (regardless of who’s holding the mantle at a given moment) fan to another, you just might like the last few issues of the recent (and sadly, cancelled) Wonder Girl series when it comes to those two.


So far, Trial of the Amazons is so very good!

It’s probably not at all a surprise, but my favorite moment from TOTA #1 was absolutely when Wonder Girl and the Esquecidas made their entrance:

“Let me introduce you to the Esquecidas!”

To borrow from @DC89, “That’s my gurrrrl!” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

sighs happily

Yara Flor is just perfect. I wonder if she likes nerds…:thinking:

Looking forward to Wonder Woman #785 tomorrow, with my four eyes locked on the spiffy International Women’s Day variant:

Here’s the Paulina Ganucheau variant for Wonder Woman #785, for interested parties:

Nubia #6 was solid, too. Prior to it, I had only read the first issue of the mag, but I was able to get the gist of what had come before and flow through the book, easy-peasy.

My fav moment of this issue was when Philippus bid farewell to Hippolyta. That one tugged on the 'ol heart, for sure.


The next part of Trial of the Amazons, Wonder Woman #785, releases today! If you’ve read it, feel free to share your (spoiler-blurred) thoughts!

I haven’t even read it yet but this cover art is devastating to me. :cry: :broken_heart:


WW #785 was a decent continuation of the event, mostly focusing on Diana’s grief over the events of the past issues, which was definitely needed. I do hope the next few issues starts pushing the actual, y’know, trial/contest forward, because I think any more introspective stuff might start to feel like just spinning the wheels.

This issue does make me wonder just what the dynamic between Diana and Nubia will be moving forward, because before with Hippolyta, there was a stronger deference with Diana because she is Diana’s mother, but now that it’s a peer I don’t know if there will be more or less contention between the two moving forward.


This latest issue was kind of a tough read for me personally. I love Diana as much as it is possible to love a fictional character, and this isn’t an experience I wanted for her. Having said that, I found her behavior very well-written. The anger, the desire to act that grief brings…that definitely felt real. Nubia’s comment, “In death, little is ideal,” was simultaneously truthful and exactly the kind of comment that would have made me want to punch someone in the face if they told me that right after my parent died.

Her body language here just killed me. Thank goodness she got that hug from Cassie shortly after. :pensive:

And then of course, because she’s Diana, she does what’s best for everybody. :black_heart: :00_wonder_woman_gold:

Alright. Looking forward to the next one. I presume the action will be ramping up from now on.


Just gonna park this shiny new Q&A right here… :00_wonder_woman_gold: :purple_heart:

You should all come check it out! :tada:


pencils the Q&A into his schedule

I should plead and beg politely inquire as to what, where and when Yara’s adventures will be, post-TOTA. :nerd_face:

would have used a smiling YF emoji, but we don’t yet have YF emojis, sadly



Really loving this story arc so far!!


Caught up on Nubia, Wonder Woman, and yes, Trial of the Amazons this evening!

The first few issues of Nubia were okay… it never grabbed my attention. Then issue 3 hit and I was all for it. Not sure what changed for me but I became more invested. Reading Wonder Woman 784 was a nice break before diving into Trial of the Amazons. I was pretty shocked by the death of Hippolyta. I am really happy I have avoided this thread until after I read everything. I am also happy I didn’t watch the comic trailer that was posted earlier as it appears to have a spoiler or two.

As they started to prepare for The Contest, two things sprung to my mind. First, the tv series starring Lynda Carter. The second is the 90s storyline where Artemis becomes Wonder Woman. If you are down for some 90s comic art in all of its glory for better or worse, that is worth a read.

Half of me is expecting Diana to go all Maxwell Lord on the person that killed her mother but another part of me is expecting her to let Nubia handle it.

I will say that the often mocked Attack of the Amazons seems larger in scope than Trial of the Amazons, at least, at this point. Yet, this story seems to have larger ramifications.



The Contest is one of my absolute favs of '90s Wonder Woman, along with John Byrne’s run (which features Hippolyta in a major way).


My favorite
Queen Hippolyta story

A little sad


I have bookmarked this post so I can find it later on a rainy day and read this comic.


That ish is part of Byrne’s run, so make it a rainy day where you’ve ample time, because you’ll likely want to immediately read more of his Wonder Woman (which begins in #101) as time allows, whilst the Wet Stuff pours outside.

contemplates posting “John Byrne’s Wonder Woman Appreciation Thread” as he makes his way through Wonder Woman #785


Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl 1 was excellent! So much is happening in this issue and I need more!

Cassie’s interaction with Artemis was short but everything I want in that kind of moment from Artemis.

Yara’s moment with Hippolyta is perfect. Hippolyta is one of those characters that I have loved and hated over the years, across all forms of media. This is her at her best, which brings out another side of Yara. Perfect.

Oh, and the backstory of how the Esquecidas ended up going to Themyscira was great.

To date, this has been a fun event and each issue leaves me wanting more.


The next part of Trial of the Amazons, Wonder Girl 1, is out now! If you’ve read it and want to share your thoughts, please feel free! (Please blur spoilers. :wink:)


Really enjoying this read thus far. Id say im more enjoying the parts being written by Stephanie Williams. Im loving how we are getting to see the different tribes of Amazons bounce off of one another. Looking forward to seeing where this goes with the darkness and the contest.


I’ll be back later with my in-depth thoughts on WW #785 and TOTA: WG #1, but suffice to say, Yara Flor now owns this whole event, based on how grand her book was this week.


Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl was a solid read. I get the feeling that there was some condensing of what the last few issues of WG was going to be before it was ended at #7, but I think they did a good job of filling in that gap while still showing of some solid moments, not just with Yara, but with Cassie too.

That said, I have to ask this of Cassie: Have you, like, EVER tried to solve a mystery before? Because I feel like she’s maybe not the best person for the job. :rofl:


Yara is becoming a bit of a goblin in these stories. XD

And yeah, Cassie turning into this great detective is a bit of an ‘out of nowhere’ thing which DC is really pushing right now. Though they can probably justify it with her picking it up from Tim when they were on a team together


Wonder Woman #785: Solid read, fine art, good issue.

Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1: Where do I even begin? I loved it, and this is undeniably the best part of TOTA at this point (don’t try to change my mind, because you won’t :wink:).

First off, what’s Yara got against yacht rock?

IDK…I’ve never been on a yacht, so…is yacht rock the music of the spoiled and arrogant? :man_shrugging:

The art on page 3…Great Hera, it is beautiful, all of it.

You could remove the text, blow-up that page to poster size, and you would have a stunningly gorgeous poster.

Next, the splash page of the Esquecidas, and once again, it was beautiful!

Also, I hope I’m not the only one who wants to see Potira in her own book of some kind (I think a mini would be a good fit).

Speaking of Potira, Yara’s reaction to her saying “Y-yes?” was great, as you could absolutely feel Yara’s happiness.

Other highlights from an issue full of them:

:00_wonder_woman_stars: Cass indulging her inner-Jessica Fletcher (Google her, if need be :clark_hv_4:) was fun.

I can’t recall seeing her in the role of a detective before, so that was neat.

I also liked the scene between her and Artemis.

SN: I love how confident Artemis is, generally-speaking. She is most definitely brash at times, but you will never be able to say Artemis is lacking in confidence, because she most certainly is not.

Also Cass, Artemis remembers you’re half-god, and she doesn’t care. If you were to repeat what you said to her, she could (and would) absolutely decimate you.

:00_wonder_woman_stars: Yara likes her Themysciran chicken. :smile:

:00_wonder_woman_stars: Hippolyta and Yara’s little heart to heart, which was touching.

The black…goop moving about…I suppose we can say that Shadow Thief poisoned Hippolyta, eh? :smirk:

:00_wonder_woman_stars: That last page! Great Hera, everyone looked badass. :hugs:

So, yeah, this was easily my favorite part of Trial, so far. I’ve no doubt that WG #2 will be as good, if not better (it definitely has a groovy Babs Tarr variant, no doubt).

Bring on Wonder Woman #786! :metal:t2: :0_wonder_woman: