If you ever since Young Justice you might ship Spitfire but this is for those who ship Traught. Dick & Artemis. So in home front (season 1 episode 12) they really kind of bonded and work together but has the series went on they had a lot of moments and that includes comic books. In season 2 Artemis and Wally were talking and saying goodbye they also kissed, Dick looked away. My theory is that Dick likes Artemis but knew hia best friend liked her and thought she didnt like him so he ended up dating Zatanna to get over her and it didn’t work. Artemis liked Dick But saw him and Zatanna and she had thought he didnt like her so she went and got with wally but now that wally is gone they are going to get closer to each other and that might start a relationship then Wally
will come back and that will Create drama

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