trade deals on physical books

This might only apply to a chunk of yall, but theres this place, OLLIES, sells mostly overstock. Theyve got a TON of trades on sale. Some great, some good, some for 4 bucks, why not? I dont know how far out these OLLIE’S reach, but if theres one around, check it out


The one near me has had a table up for the last year and I have gotten tons of amazing deals most recently the Silver Age Suicide Sqaud omnibus and deluxe edition of Camelot 3000 for less than I typically spend on new books every week.

I’ve heard of Ollie’s and their bounty o’ books, but I don’t think they inhabit these parts. Thank you for the heads-up about them.

Zia Records in AZ and NV carries alot of trades and the like. Mostly used (decent amount of new too), and generally in great condition.

goes to Google to see where Ollie’s can be found

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@boodikhan - I absolutely LOVE Ollie’s, especially for their book selection. I can’t even count how many incredible deals I’ve gotten from them. I have family all over the US, so I have them scope out the tables everytime they go too!