I absolutely LOOOOOOVE being a Growedup!!!



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Best part of bein all adultish is buying the toys you want and no one tells you no.

I just sucks when I have to tell myself no.

But I often dont. Lol

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Teehee! Toys!

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I do the best I can to not tell myself no…

This is a clip I share more often than any other:

I’ve come to realize the secret to happiness is being happy. Science is an inarguable magic and it’s been scientifically proven that energy attracts like energy.

As we allow ourselves to embrace our bliss we attract bliss.

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I prefer joy to happiness. Happiness is overrated. It lasts five seconds and then your over it. That’s why I have a pet. Because she brings me joy.

I like that!

The words we use are very important and “Joy” IS a much better word.

Thank you!

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