Top Ten New 52/DCYou Books?

What are your top ten comics (ongoing, miniseries, or anything else) from the New 52/DCYou era of DC?

My list is:

  1. Batman
  2. Batman/Superman
  3. Prez
  4. Batgirl (Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr)
  5. Action Comics (Grant Morrison)
  6. Grayson
  7. Omega Men
  8. Dial H
  9. Animal Man
  10. Batman and Robin


NEW 52 was my favorite era of comics, fresh blood and I had the most disposable time and money to read them.

Animal Man
Wonder Woman
Swamp Thing
Frankenstein: Agent of Shade
Justice League Dark
Green Lantern (even though they basically ignored the relaunch)

Special Mention to ROTWORLD as the best event of the run


Swamp Thing
Phantom Stranger
Suicide Squad
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Forever Evil (Sorry, I just LOVED it!)
The Flash
Aquaman (Geoff John’s run)
Dial H


I also liked the New 52 era for the most part, Ive also liked Rebirth.

My favorites ranked from the New 52 era:

  1. Batman by Snyder and Capullo
  2. Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
  3. Justice League by Geoff Johns
  4. Grayson by Tom King
  5. Animal Man by Jeff Lemire
  6. Action Comics by Morrison and Pak
  7. Batgirl by Gail Simone
  8. The Omega Men by Tom King
  9. Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder
  10. Aquaman by Geoff Johns
  11. Batman/Superman by Greg Pak
  12. Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
  13. Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire
  14. Batman Eternal by Snyder and Tynion
  15. Multiversity by Grant Morrison
  16. Superman Unchained by Snyder and Lee
  17. Batman and Robin by Peter Tomasi
  18. Demon Knights by Cornell and Venditti

Wonder woman (azzerello)
Action comics (Morrison)
Nightwing (higgins)
The flash
Green lantern (johns& venditti)
Swamp thing (Snyder)
Animal man (lemire)
Green arrow (lemire)
Batgirl (Simone) didn’t care much for it after she quit the book and they did the soft reboot i just wasn’t the target audience for that book any more


Oh totally forgot aquaman (johns)


There was so much that came out of that era that I enjoyed, this is going to be difficult…

Multiversity - probably my favorite of the bunch - I’d been waiting for this series for what seemed like decades.
Superman/Wonder Woman - I actually liked them together
Earth 2
Shazam! - the backup in Justice League
Omega Men - first introduced me to Tom King
Green Lantern (Johns)

That’s just off the top of my head - I’m sure I could come up with another ten on another day.

looks at the lists of others

Oh yeah! Justice League, Forever Evil, Morrison’s Action Comics … so much good! (Not that there weren’t some clunkers)


Loves me some New 52. It’s the one era of DC that I’ve literally read every single book from.

My favorite lists fluctuate, but I’d say this is my current New 52 Top 10:

  1. Justice League
  2. Superman Unchained
  3. Aquaman/Green Lantern (tie)
  4. Wonder Woman
  5. Superman
  6. Blackhawks/Team 7 (tie)
  7. Batman and Robin
  8. Trinity of Sin: Pandora
  9. Threshold
  10. The Movement

As for DC You:

  1. The Omega Men
  2. Prez
  3. Superman (the Truth arc)
  4. Superman: Lois and Clark
  5. Titans Hunt
  6. Bizarro
  7. Bat-Mite
  8. Justice League of America
  9. Telos
  10. Deathstroke (the God Killer arc)

Superman Lois and Clark
Titans Hunt
Demon Knights
Huntress Mini
Worlds Finest
Earth 2 by Tom Taylor
Frankenstein Agent of Shade
Omega Men by Tom King
DC Bombshells

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Seeing a lot of love for Geoff Johns’ run on Justice League. Do people really like that? I found the characterizations in that book to be way off. (Batman just “not noticing” that there were three Jokers all along, etc.)

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Johns Justice league was my least favorite of any of his new 52 stuff I still thought it was decent though

  1. Animal Man
  2. Action Comics ( Morrison )
  3. Frankenstein: Agent of Shade
  4. Dial H
  5. Earth 2
  6. Batman
  7. Mr. Terrific
  8. Wonder Woman

That’s pretty much it, I wasn’t a fan of the New 52


As of now:

Wonder Woman
Action Comics
Superman/Wonder Woman
Justice League
All Star Western


Is the New 52 Starfire any good? I avoided it like the plague after Red Hood and the Outlaws…

It is a light-hearted, fish-out-of-water, heartwarming tale. I enjoyed it.

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adds Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E to his New 52 list

adds Starfire to his DC You list

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Batman Eternal

Animal Man was my favorite. Batman and Wonder Woman were really good too.

Batman eternal, Batman, and swamp thing were all the high points for me. My favorite run of swamp thing overall it really shows him and what he can actually do with his powers.