Top Ten DC Villain Scenes

Happy Halloween! It may be late at night but here is a little treat I cooked up. This list will be focusing any watchable DC villain scene. If your wondering why I may put a specific scene lower or higher than you would I would be more than happy to explain why.

  1. Black Manta’s rematch - Aquaman
  1. “I am an animal!” - Batman Returns
  1. A Good Death is it’s own Reward
  1. Bruce and Selena Dance - Batman Returns
  1. The Boardroom Scene - Shazam
  1. Morgan Edge Witnesses the Birth of Clark’s Twin Sons -Superman and Lois
  1. Zod Storms the White House
  1. The Joker’s Laugh - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
  1. The Interrogation Scene - The Dark Knight
  1. The Opening - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Major Spoilers for Stargirl here.