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What comic series would anyone recommend. And what are the top justice league series

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For Justice League.

I would start with the New 52, Justice League(2011) by Geoff Johns, its meant as a starting place for new readers. And Geoff Johns overall run was pretty good imo. JL War and Throne of Atlantis animated movies are loosely based off the arcs from this run.

There is also,

Kingdom Come, Tower of Babel, Rock of Ages, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Identity Crisis, The Nail, Invasion.

If you also go to the storyline tab in the comics section you can see some pretty good stories that have already been selected by the DCU. Many of them are considered classics and some are pretty new.


The JLA 1997 series is also excellent especially the early issues by Grant Morrison. Also the Justice League International/America series from 1987 is also good if you like a more light hearted take (think Legends of Tomorrow… good character and serious when it needs to be, but more emphasis on humor and lesser known heroes). They have some gaps in the run on here, but what they have is great if it is your thing.


This gives a great overview of some of the most popular Justice League stories:

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Extreme Justice. It’s a series that’s brobdingnagian in its Shakespearian complexity and intricacies.

Seriously though, there’s any number of fun Justice League series. The article in biff_pow’s link is a good starting point.


Justice League New Frontier, by Daryan Cooke, a masterpiece that ends with the origin of the justice league. It emphasizes Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman

JLA 1997, by Grant Morrison and then Mark Waid. The Big Seven (the six above, plus an Aquaman, which looks like from Recent Movie. Best is first arc and Waid’s Tower of Babel.

Justice League 1987, which became Justice League International, just after Infinite Crisis, so characters from previous other worlds joined, like Captain Marvel, Blue Beetle and Dr Fate are members. Tone much lighter. Batman downs Guy Garner with one punch. Martiam Manhunter likes oreo cookies. Later Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are best buddies. Fire and Ice.

Justice League 2006, by Brad Meltzer had the best range of team:

Batman, Suerman, Wonder Woman

Black Canary (Chair), Hal Jordan, and Roy Harper

Vilxen , Black Lightning, Kendra Hawkgirl

Red Tornado

First arc is rhe best

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