Top read

What’s everyone’s top pick of comic titles to read on the app??

Believe I’m gonna dive into everything Green Lantern , starting with the 1960’s.

If we’re going by what we’ve already read before getting the app, then my pick is All-Star Superman. When you search it it claims it only has one issue, but all 12 are there and it’s soooooo good.

As for what I’m most excited reading…

I started reading the 90s Aquaman because I noticed it’s got 75 issues and so far it’s very good. I’m also really excited to read Batman Eternal, and the service has all 52 issues. I always wanted to read it but didn’t want to go broke just so I could. I’m also very interested in reading the 80s Teen Titans, especially after seeing today’s DC Daily where they interview the guy who drew it.