Top 5 ships!

Actually I’m with you on all of them

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I love that @BatCam626! I think the Titanic is a hate!
(and no No HMS Bounty or Nautilus in the favorites?)


Gosh I completely spaced the Nautilus! Great ship! Another great runner up is the Rona, but I figured most wouldn’t know that one.


The Nautilus has to be up top, right? It’s a classic, and it has a cool name to boot!

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  1. Lois and Clark
  2. Wally and Linda
  3. Peter and Mary Jane
  4. Reed and Sue
  5. Arthur and Mera
    And the one I hate the most: Kent and Inza. That bastard kept that poor woman locked up in the stupid tower for decades.

The Ebon Hawk is pretty great, but I’m not sure I’d rank it above the Millennium Falcon. I mean, did the Ebon Hawk do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? I don’t think so.

  1. Babs and Dick. OK, maybe I just like each character individually enough to be a sucker for stories featuring both of them prominently, but I think they complement each other well. I’m actually less enthusiastic about the retconned-in backstory about their relationship as Robin and Batgirl, but as Nightwing and Oracle, their bonding through shared experience made for a good arc.

  2. Scott and Barda. I mean, come on.

  3. Wally and Linda. Especially in Mark Waid’s run. Flash stories have often been built on a love-conquers-all sort of thematic base, and in Waid’s run, they’re both very human and make plenty of mistakes, but the one thing you never question is how much they care about one another. In that way, I find them a lot more compelling than Barry and Iris, who are just as devoted to one another but without as much drama because neither of them has much in the way of any significant character flaws, so there’s no drama in the relationship unless they do the CW thing and constantly break up every five minutes.

  4. Lois and Clark. A substantial portion of the Lois hate generally seems to boil down to (a) holding outdated characterization against her, (b) thinking she’s overbearing (And I mean, alright, a little, but for someone who’s supposed to keep pace with Superman, it’s kind of to be expected), or © trying to justify Clark and Diana (which, when it comes through in the actual comics, gives off this uncomfortable superhuman-elitist vibe).

  5. Hot take time. Even a month ago, I would’ve said Bruce and Selina. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that their relationship is interesting because they can’t be together. When they’re portrayed in a steady relationship, it feels forced. They don’t actually have much to connect over beyond mutual attraction. So while I like seeing this play out, I don’t like seeing it work out. So I’ve been thinking about which of Bruce’s various possible love interests I could actually see in a long-term relationship with him, and I think I have to go with Bruce and Zatanna. They’re very different in some ways, but they have a common background and are more similar in subtler ways (penchant for theatrics, motivated by death of at least one parent) that I think gives this pairing some real (generally untapped) potential.

As for what I hate? Most pairings I don’t like are simply because I have something against one of the characters involved, so the one that springs to mind where I like both partners but can’t deal with the two of them together is Superman and Wonder Woman. I’m just not feeling any romantic chemistry with them, and it feels kind of… monarchical to just take the most prominent male and female superheroes and stick them together. And sure, Diana is a princess, but for Mr. Truth and Justice, it’s not exactly the American Way.

Bruce and Babs is another one I dislike for about the same reason. It’s a completely flat pairing that stinks of hooking up the most prominent opposite-gender characters in the franchise just for the sake of doing so, though the weirdness comes more from the teacher-student-ish relationship than the odd veneer of elitism that Clark and Diana have going on.

Raven and Damien DCAU
Nightwing and starfire

Overbearing…perish the thought. Substantial narcissist. Ab-so-freakin-lutely!!

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1. Tim Drake and Rose Wilson. Who doesn’t love a good ship about two people that used to ‘hate’ each other, but now loves the other and can’t stand to be away from them? It’d make for a really interesting relationship, a very sweet and romantic at times, but also realistic to a degree, talking about mistakes and screw-ups in the past and trying to work past them.
2: Midnighter and Apollo. Gay Superman + Gay Batman = One of the greatest relationships in all of comics.
3. Nightwing and Barbara Gordon.
4. Beast Boy and Raven.
5. Mister Miracle and Big Barda. I can’t decide between them, and Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Batman and Talia al Ghul.

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