Top 5 ships!

Easy question, hard answer! Top 5 romances you are 100% behind and one you hate! They can be original or firmly established!
For me:

  1. Barbara and Dick 1,000% 25 hours a day 8 days a week.
  2. Batman and Catwoman
  3. Damian Wayne and Emiko Queen
  4. Huntress and Question (DCAU)
  5. Superman and Wonder Woman
    Hate: Superman and Lois Lane (all she ever seems to care about is the powers)

Hate: Wondie and Superman. It’s so weird that Rucka wrote this scene about 5 years before N52 idea that they should be together.

  1. Green Arrow and Black Canary
  2. Buddy and Ellen Baker
  3. Kate Kane and Renee Montoya
  4. Superman and Lois Lane
  5. Guy Garnder and Ice


Top 5:

  1. Clark and Lois
  2. Batman and Catwoman
  3. JLU Huntress and JLU Question
  4. Beast Boy and Raven
  5. Kid Devil and Ravager

Hate: I know someone else already said Supes and Wondy, but, ugh, there really is no other choice for me. They’re great characters, but the ship seems entirely built on them being the strongest heroes and wearing similar colors. That’s a basis for a friendship, not a romantic relationship.

  1. Luornu Durgo and Chuck Taine
  2. Babs and Kara (They have been friends for long enough to have this explored in an Elseworlds, maybe GCG or World’s Finest, Injustice or Bombshells)
  3. Zod and Ursa
  4. Mr and Mrs Mxzyptlk
  5. Harley and Ivy

Don’t care for: Dick and Kori

  1. Lois and Clark
  2. Lois and Clark
  3. Lois and Clark
  4. Lois and Clark
  5. Lois and Clark

Bats and Wondie (because the DCAU and DCEU made me do it.)
Damian and Nobody ( Nobody from Damian’s solo series.)
Nightwing and Babs (Babs is the only one for him!)
Lois and Clark (sorry op, you walked into that one.)
Donna and Roy (just read Titans 2016 and they are my new power couple.)

1Huntress and Question
2Tim drake and Stephanie brown
3Green Arrow and Black Canary
4Dick Grayson and koriandr (someone correct me)
5 Raven and Beast Boy

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  1. Lois and Clark
  2. Ralph and Sue Dibny
  3. The Shade and Hope O’Dare
  4. Wally West and Linda Park
  5. Batman and Catwoman

Hate: Superman and Wonder Woman

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hmm… I’d have to say in no particular order:

the Serenity,
the Mayflower,
the Millennium Falcon
the U.S.S Arizona
the U.S.S Enterprise-D

I don’t care too much for the Flying Dutchman. I think it’s kinda lame to have such an old-fashioned hybrid.


What about the Black Pearl?!


I was torn between the Pearl, the Santa Maria, and the Mayflower. I flipped a coin.

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  1. The Black Pearl
  2. The Millennium Falcon
  3. The Chimaera
  4. The Ebon Hawk
  5. The Flying Dutchman
  1. Slade/Vigilante (Pat Trayce)
  2. Wally/Linda
  3. Roy Harper/Cheshire
  4. Bruce Wayne/Silver St. Cloud
  5. Babs/Dinah

Not necessarily my top 5 ships but still ones that I like. I also like Wally/Artemis, but that’s just for YJ.



Ah, the Ebon Hawk. Great choice!

Ships that I really like and get behind:

  1. Dick and Kory.
  2. Clark and Lois.
  3. Wally and Linda.
  4. Babs and Ted Kord (really wish we’d gotten to see more of this).
  5. Natasha and Traci (why’d they break up, again?). Note: that was a sarcastic question. I know they were broken up solely so Natasha could be angsty.
    Honorable mention: Harley and Ivy, Brainy and Violet from the LOSH cartoon, Kate and Renee, Bruce and Zatanna, and Jericho and Raven.

There are definitely some ships that I don’t care for, like Dick and Babs or Green Arrow and Black Canary, but hate is a strong word. Really, though, the only pairing the just instinctively turns me off Superman and Wonder Woman. I just really don’t like it.

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1: Bouncing Boy & Duo Damsel
2: Green Arrow & Black Canary
3: Huntress & Question (JLU edition)
4: Nightwing & Donna Troy
5: HQ & Poison Ivy

(non-continuity…hey one can dream)
Me & Power Girl

Hate: (so many can’t pick just one)
1: Lois & Clark
2: Bruce & Selina
3: Nightwing & Babs
4: Damien & Raven
5: Ms. Martian & Superboy


How on earth can you hate L+C? :cry:


I simply can’t stand them. I’m all for equality and powerful female characters and DC is replete with them. We don’t need a carping reporter. All that “Midwest values”, apple pie and other assorted baggage Clark carries around that so doesn’t fit in the overhead.

Those two go together like a tanker ship leak and sea life. Neither is healthy for the other. It’s really a messed up and co-dependent relationship.

I’ve often wondered if their codependency is one reason they are thought of as the classic ship. I wonder how many people see themselves and their ideal codependent relationship in them.

I think both of them could do better.

Supes would be better off with Diana and they make a lousy ship. Hell, I’d take Clark and Shiera as well & that would be a dumpster fire from the word go.

As for Lois, I think she needs to brush up on her physics and realize it’s not wattage that’s important, it’s voltage.

Bruce and Saline is the only relationship I care about at all.

I really don’t like Lois and Clark, I’m with you on some others too

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