Top 5 Heroes you would have a drink with?

Personally… My top 5 would be

  1. Dinah Lance (Black Canary) I mean come on its Black Canary
  2. Barry Allen (The Flash) Crazy drunk multiverse stories
  3. Jason Todd (Red Hood) Just to get him to lighten up a little
  4. Barbara Gordon Intellectual conversation… really… o_0
  5. Harley Quinn Might die… on the other hand… might not… Either way. Shots anyone?

Wonder woman batgirl superman flash nightwing

Literally any of the Bat-fam

Harley Quinn, if i survive it would be so,e great hazy memories

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, we would end up somewhere weird in time or space


The Teen Titans

Alfred, Raven, Nora Allen, Aquaman because who doesn’t want to bar hop the 7 seas

The Comedian needs to be there.

Hawkman to see he remembers when he gets drunk.

Martian Manhunter incase I need a fast get away.

Detective Chimp because why not.

And Uncle Sam from the freedom fighters.

If one of them can’t make it then add the Lobo.

Either way the visual is great…

Harley Quinn, she just seems like it would be an adventure.
Poison Ivy, somebody has to keep Harley and I in check lmao.
Dick Grayson, his sarcasm and wise cracks are fabulous.
Selina Kyle, she’s fabulous and we prolly wouldn’t pay for a drink with our own cards haha!
Alfred, I bet hes got some fantastic stories to tell about the Bat and family!

Black Canary
Arsenal( I know! Lol)

Queen Hippolyta
Oliver Queen
Cyborg (he has all the intel!)
Queen Mera

So first off, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd have to be there to be talking shit on each other and telling embarrassing stories. Next off is Booster Gold so he can tell me about terrible fads that happen in the future, since it won’t ruin the timeline. The Trickster, if he is on his medication. And I think that last person I would want there is Alfred, because why the hell not?

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  1. Nightwing…tbh just to stare at lol

  2. Beast boy seems like a fun time, we’d probably get the drunkest out of the 5 choices

  3. Zatanna…I’d love to see her magic up close and get to know her more

4 & 5…honestly any of the young justice memebers. I just wanna see what it likes working under the justice league and soemtimes even with them. lol basically what it’s like being a hero so “young”

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  1. Oliver Queen
  2. Constantine
  3. Zatanna
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  1. Dick Grayson
  2. Barry Allen
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I got only one.

  1. Batman, because neither of us drink booze.

Lobo, Harley Quin, Oliver Queen, Nightwing, and Superman

Oliver queen, Barry Allen, death stroke, sups, and Hal Jordan

  1. Dick Grayson
  2. John Constantine
  3. Killer Frost (from the tv shows)
  4. Black Canary
  5. Zatana

Wonder Woman

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1 . Guy Gardner
2. Captain Boomerang
3. Huntress
4. Wildcat
5. Poison Ivy
Just an odd bunch one would like to share a nice cold beer with or perhaps wine

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Harley Quinn

Lex luthor (for intellectual convos)
Etrigan (for the rhymes)
Killawog (so we can get into some fights)
Steve trevor (for the stories and to pick up some ladies)
Big Barda (just seems like a badass to drink with)