Top 5 Comic book Artisits for DC

Who is your favorite artist for DC? That person who makes you pick up the comic and stare at all the details on the page. I for sure have several of the classic artists to the new artist currently doing art for DC.
My top 5.
1.Greg Capullo-Batman and Dark Nights Metal
2.Jim Lee-Justice League
3.Jack Kirby-Fourth world
4.George Perez-The New Teen titans
5.Jim Cheung -Justice league
Honorable mention:Neal Adams-Green Lantern/Green Arrow.

How about you whats your top favorite artists of all time?

1.Kenneth Rocafort
2.Jorge Jimenez
3.Karl Kershal
4. Babs Tarr
5.Howard Porter

Honorable Mention: Tony S. Daniel

I probably misspelled their names

Neal Adams
Curt Swan
Carmine Infantino
George Perez
Dan Jurgens

In no particular order:

Jim Aparo
Neal Adams
Don Newton
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Gene Colan


Alex Ross
Greg Capullo
Jim Lee
Tim sale
Brett booth