top 3 Wonder Woman villains

top 3 Wonder Woman villains and what version of them

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This one’s harder because Diana’s rogues gallery is more limited. I’m going to go with:

1: The Cheetah. Personally, I think she makes the most interesting archenemy of the three usual suspects (her, Ares, and Circe), so I like her Post-Crisis characterization where she’s every bit as evil as Lex Luthor or the Joker.

2: Giganta. I don’t know that there’s a specific version that jumps out, but her powers are cool and she’s a must for supervillain teamups because of how she stands out in a crowd.

3: Cop out time: The gods. Yeah, they’re not villains, but like in any Greek epic, they can serve as antagonists or allies in equal measure. I liked their characterization in George Perez’s run.


Oh, I do love questions like this one! Thank you for the awesome topic, @Blackjack147! Personally, I think I’d have to choose Ares, Cheetah, and Circe in that order.

As @BatJamags pointed out, Cheetah is not a villain to be underestimated. She can be wickedly evil! But, I do feel like Diana’s story just doesn’t feel complete without a little magical mayhem.

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I’m not counting Ares, Circe or any of the Gods because they’re public domain mythological characters.
These are my top picks for characters that were created specifically for the WW comic book.

  1. The Cheetah.

  2. Doctor Psycho.

  3. Doctor Cyber.

Honorable mentions: Giganta & The Silver Swan (the original, Helen Alexandros)

  1. The Circle (Kind of cheating because they’re multiple Amazons, but it’s not like a Villainy, Inc. situation)

  2. Dr. Poison

  3. Genocide

  1. Cheetah which is obviously her best and most famous villain.
  2. Veronica Cale - this character provides a stark contrast to Wonder Woman and think she provides an element that other villains in her rogue gallery don’t. She is simply a woman that is peeved at Wonder Woman.
  3. Silver Swan - Vanessa Kapetellis version. Tragic story makes for fabulous villain material.



Giganta will always be #1 for me just because of the lego movie where he goes sorry giganta rules are rules.

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  1. Ares
  2. Cerse
  3. Grail
  4. Big Barda
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Angle Man
Silver Swan


Gal Gadot.


For me #1 Silver Swan, #2 Cheetah, #3 Circe. So many great, underrated villains though.

  1. Cheetah (Golden Age & Post-Crisis)
  2. Dr. Cyber (Bronze Age version)
  3. Circe, Post-Crisis version, despite her over-exposure

Honorary mentions:

  1. Giganta (Animated versions, Golden & Modern Age comic versions)
  2. Silver Swan (Bronze Age & Post-Crisis versions)
  3. Dr. Psycho
  4. Baroness Paula Von Gunther (Golden Age, Morrison version)
  5. Formicida (An awesome villain from Lynda Carter’s show)
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@NYJ said it perfect. Simple.

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