Top 3 Things to Watch or Read?

So now that Season 2 of Harley Quinn has wrapped, I find myself tryimg to figure out what to watch or read next. There is so much content, I dont know where to start - and I would assume others may feel the same. So I figured why not get the community’s opinion! Please list your top 3 must watch / read series to help those of us who have limited time out! Thank you all in advance for all your opinions!


Have you read the comic series that inspired the Harley Quinn animated series?


I’m thinking you may have already watched Doom Patrol. Other than that, I have been re-reading the Denny O’Neil/Neil Adams run on Green Lantern and various Golden Age comic books here.



I created this account as well to watch Harley Quinn but I read these on the side and I thought they were phenomenal. I think anyone who likes Batman should read these.


1.) Identity Crisis
It is one of my favorite Justice League runs of all time. It feels super grounded and really beats down/breaks down our favorite heroes. It gets grim. But it’s got some incredible art and PHENOMENAL writing from Brian Meltzer.

2.) Justice Society of America* (2006)
Geoff Johns’ run of JSA is great. It’s got such a great back and forth between old and new. It manages to balance tones really well. A mostly playful series with some dark moments sprinkled throughout. If you’re liking the Stargirl show, definitely check it out. There’s even a cool Kingdom Come tie-in.

3.) Ion
Maybe it’s because I’m just a huge Kyle Rayner fan, but I love this series. It’s incredibly underrated when it comes to Green Lantern runs and a must read in my opinion.

Dial H for Hero (2019)
Wonder Twins (2019)
Max Fleischer Superman Cartoons
Constantine (Show)
Batman Beyond
Watchmen (HBO)

  1. Wonder woman series (2016) begins after the rebirth reboot

  2. Aquaman (2016) after rebirth

  3. Justice league is more friendly to get into. There was a series in 2016 after rebirth, but it wasn’t of best quality for being the flagship for DC’s most popular characters … so they rebooted the justice league series once again recently in the last year or so with a new no.1. (Just jump into the latest justice league comic series)


2015 Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, by Tomasi followed by Super Sons.

2016 Wonder Woman Year One. Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Rucka Scott

2016 Detective Comics Rebirth Tynion IV. Batman Batwoman Tim Drake Cassandra Caiin Stephanine Brown Clayface.


I have been really enjoying the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic by Tom Taylor. the issues are short and easy reads with some surprises along the way.


I liked the Injustice comics a lot. They didn’t really have any slow or uninteresting parts, I thought.


Here’s my 3 things I recommend

  1. Batman: The Animated Series
    This was the best adaptation of Batman, even better than the comics. Kevin Conroy is totally, hands down… the best Batman. It’s very emotional and while some people hate some episodes, I love all of them. They do have flaws, but I believe none of them are bad.

  2. Hush
    This is an amazing introduction to a villain. It had a great mystery and villains in it and Hush should be a villains in a Batman movie one day. It’s perfect for people who already know some of the myths of Batman but never read a comic or watch a movie or played a video game before. Do hate how some villains are just but in for nothing to do with the plot, but I recommend it heavily.

  3. The Court Of Owls
    Just like Hush, the Court of Owls had an amazing way to be introduced as the beginning to the New 52. They were like the Illuminati, but birds! I heard people say it’s a problem that there is no leader, or none that we know of, but I think that’s good. It makes the more mysterious. No one wondered who the members where, and the Talons who are they’re assassins, so I didn’t even care of their identities. T huh e mystery was just about figuring about their existence and apart of how they might have killed Bruce’s parents.


If you just finished the animated Harley Quinn and want to watch some more excellent DC animation:

  1. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (probably entire dcau)

  2. Superman Red Son

  3. Young Justice

I’d say they all used characters in interesting ways, and/or introduced ones I didn’t know about before.


Evryone - thank you for such great suggestions! Ive really filled out my favorites list now with plenty of content! I figured I would also add my 3 from my limited exposure over the years!

1 - Batman the Animated Series - also mentioned by BatManFan2007 - absolutely the best animated series ever created!

2 - The Killing Joke - probably the best Joker story ever written! (the comic - NOT the from last year. Man that was a bastardization of the source material…) I actually have a collectible statue of the Joker with his camera because of this story!

3 - The White Knight - which I didnt even know existed until I found it here in DC Universe - an incredibly unique twist on the Joker!

Hopefully other users will continue to post more suggestions so this thread can be a great “quick reference” guide for finding great content in DC Universe! Thank you all again!!



● The Authority (1999)
● Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. and JSA (1999), especially for folks new to the Justice Society franchise because of the Stargirl TV series
● Planetary

Bonus Read: JLA (1996), specifically Grant Morrison’s run, which begins at #1.


● Aquaman (1967)
● Superman: The Animated Series
● Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Bonus Watch: The Adventures of Superman.

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Batman: the Brave and the Bold is a good one! Excellent campiness :ok_hand: