Top 10 Favorite Comic Costumes

I made a post like this in the “Other Media” section but this is a top 10 and just for comic costumes. My top 10 are…

No Man’s Land Batman
Batman Beyond
“Hush” Batman
New 52 Superman
Reign of Superman Black Suit
Rebirth Deathstroke
Classic Hal Jordan Green Lantern
John Stewart
Omega Lantern Kyle Rayner
Classic Flash(Barry Allan)


Some of you must have favorite suits

Top 5?

Top 10:

  1. (“Hush”) Batsuit
  2. Superman Suit ( “Hush”)
  3. Superboy 1994 outfit
  4. New 52 Flash Suit
  5. Batman Beyond Batsuit
  6. Aquaman 90’s Armor
  7. Green Lantern Hal Jordan Suit
  8. Jay Garret Flash Suit
  9. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Suit
  10. Nightwing Black/Blue Suit


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I forgot about that Superman. I love Jim Lee!

In no particular order:

Flashpoint Batman
Godfall Superman
New 52 Superman
New 52 Batman
Batman Beyond
New 52 Red Robin
New 52 Solstice
Gotham By Gaslight Batman
Red Son Superman
Red Son Deathstroke

  1. Wally West’s Flash suit #50-150 2. Batman Year One Batsuit. 3. Tim Drake’s first Robin suit Batman (#457) 4. Booster Gold’s Second fiberweave suit (Action Comics #124) 5.Green Arrow’s Neal Adams suit 6.Martian Manhunter’s Brightest Day suit 7. Aquaman’s spear hand look 8. Ice’s New costume (Justice League #84-90) 9. Hector Hall’s Dr. Fate suit 10. Katar Hol’s Post Zero Hour suit
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Power of Shazam Marvel Family. Nice, minimalist, and classic.


My list of “Perfect-And-Can’t-Be-Improved-Upon” costumes includes:

Dr. Fate: the helmet, the cape, the unique shade of blue… simple and effective.
Hal Jordan: the version with the green sections that extend onto the shoulders.
Ted Kord: perfect and Spider-Man-esque.
Jade: her original Infinity, Inc. costume.
Aquaman: Blue/camouflage costume (probably difficult to draw, but it’s still a beautiful design).
Tim Drake: 1st Robin costume (a perfect updating of Dick Grayson’s original look).
Cyborg: Vic’s original Perez design.
Halo: her original costume with the ribbons of color against the black (another costume that’s probably to draw, but looks great when drawn well).
Supergirl: her 80s/COIE costume with the headband, red shoulders and yellow accents.
Hawkman: a hawk helmet, a harness and a mace… that’s all he needs.

A few more obscure choices:

Black Orchid: it’s a strange design, but also visually compelling.
Captain Atom: his short lived costume that only appeared in The Law, a mini-series from the late-90s that no one seems to remember.
Tarantula: the All-Star Squadron character.
Various Legionnaires: Mon-El, Lightning Lad, Sensor Girl, etc.


All the Earth 2 costumes are pretty rad. Makes me wish it got a longer run.


Yeah true. Especially Earth 2 Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman

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Flash’s was a bit iffy. He looked like a Power Ranger.

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Ha yeah he did

Golden Age Bat-Man
Jim Corrigan Spectre
Hush Nightwing
Animated Series Batman
Death in the Family Robin
Batman Beyond
Silver Age Flash


Nineties Superboy, rocking that undercut and leather jacket.

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Rebirth Barry Allen flash

Kid Flash

Robin beyond
Red lantern Guy Gardner
New 52 superman
New 52 nightwing

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  1. Wally West’s classic yellow and red Kid Flash costume
  2. Batman’s Rebirth costume
  3. Nightwing’s Hush era costume
  4. Superman’s Kingdom Come costume
  5. Lightning Lad’s costume
  6. Hal Jordan’s classic Green Lantern costume
  7. Tim Drake’s One Year Later Robin costume
  8. Captain Marvel Jr.'s costume
  9. Spoiler’s classic costume
  10. Jim Lee’s design for Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern costume
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  1. Nightwing Rebirth Costume

  2. Starfire 2016 Costume

  3. Kid Flash’s Young Justice 2011 Costume

  4. Miss Martian’s Young Justice 2011 Costume

  5. Zatanna’s Young Justice 2011 Costume

  6. Supergirl Justice League Unlimited Costume

  7. Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Costume

  8. Batgirl Rebirth Costume

  9. Artemis’ Young Justice Costume

  10. Hawkgirl Justice League 2000 Series Costume