Tone Changes in Batgirl

I don’t recall what made me start reading Batgirl N52 at #35, but I quite enjoyed it. Then I realized I was at 35 and went back to the beginning and was taken aback at how dark it was. I looked it up and saw the shift was by switching writers and overall changes made by DC. My biggest storytelling gripe is changes in tone. Where do I go next after finishing this series if I want to stick with the light hearted style? Also, in general, this bugs me so much. Going from a fun story of cyber hackers to RANDOM GUY MURDERS GF’S WHOLE FAMILY AND MAKES HER WATCH is so obnoxious. Pick a lane and stay there for the run.


You’ll want to start Batgirl Rebirth then if you want to continue a similar tone to the Burnside stuff.

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From what the writer of the initial run, Gail Simone, has said, she wanted to make it more balanced in terms of light and dark, but editorial at the time was wanting it to be as gritty as possible, to the point where they briefly fired her, only to hire her back a few weeks later after a massive fan outcry.

By the way, I will say that while she had her struggles with the book, I think her run on Batgirl was really damn good (honestly better than the Burnside run, and not just because of what came out with one of the creators in recent months). She is, IMO, one of, if not the iconic and best writer for Barbara Gordon. She also wrote her extensively in the past as Oracle in the Birds of Prey title which is highly recommended. Really I’d recommend just about anything by Gail Simone, she’s one of the best writers in the industry. :smiley:


Admittedly, I am still reading the series, so it did make me want to keep reading. I have some issues with character portrayal and plot devices, but I’ll keep reading since I’m already in it, but at least it does take me to crossover issues and hopefully it’ll take me on another series adventure.

I’ve only seen B Gordon as Oracle in the Teen Titans show. So to see her as Oracle, read Birds of Prey?

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I personally think that’s where she best shined in that role. Here’s the link to that volume:

It was originally written by Chuck Dixon, who’s run was…okay, had some fun moments, but I think it’s fair to say Gail’s run is what made the BOP the iconic group they are now. Her run stars at #56 and ends at #109.

She also had a second volume in 2010 that was also pretty good. She did about 13 of the 15 issues.

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I’m going to have to keep better notes in my book journal on all the writers. Thanks for laying that out clearly!

I 100% agree that Simone’s run on Batgirl is superior to the Burnside stuff. It was a great return to Barbara’s original moniker while moving her forward.

The Burnside material (and that which came after in the Rebirth era) is fine and good, and I like it too. But I’m also a big Gail Simone fan and she gets Babs to a tee and then some. I also liked Babs initial New 52 costume much more than the Burnside update. Again, good but not as good as what came before.

Also @Jay_Kay, I agree that Simone is one of the best writers in the industry. Her run on The Flash 100-Page Giant series was great and is one of my favorite Flash runs of the modern era.