:0_nightwing: Tom Taylor's Nightwing Discussion Thread (Spoilers; #94 drops 7/19) :0_nightwing:

From the beginning of Infinite Frontier in March of 2021 to today, July 19th, which sees the release of Nightwing #94, Tom Taylor’s Nightwing has been a fan-favorite run on a fan-favorite title starring a fan-favorite character.

Are you reading the latest adventures of Nightwing? What are your thoughts on #94?

If you’re brand-new to Taylor’s Nightwing, you can catch the beginning of it right here:

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Some spiffy current and upcoming variants:

#94, by Jamal Campbell.

#95 swimsuit variant, by Nicola Scott.

#96 B cover, by Jamal Campbell (paging @DC89).

#96 C/Harley Quinn 30th anniversary cover, by Alan Quah.

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LOVE. Thx for the heads up on these Super Cool @Vroom. :smiley:


Taylor’s really playing the long game when it comes to Heartless. We’re now 17 issues into his run and still have no idea who this guy is. Part of me does think this makes the character more intriguing, but I’m also worried it’s now been so long that when the identity is eventually revealed, it’ll be underwhelming no matter what. I’m still really enjoying this run overall, but that’s 1 element that I can’t quite get away from


“No prob, Bob.”

I was tempted to get the variant for #94, but I opted for the A cover, instead.

#96’s B cover though…


…yeah, I might just have to get that.

As an ardent Nightwing fan, that one just speaks to me, and then some.


So, #94. Another great, grand and glorious issue in the great and grand glory that is Tom Taylor’s Nightwing, with my favorite scene being Nightwing playing chicken.

Too bad about that bike though, but Nightwing’s 86ing of it was well-done, all the same.


#ENDGAME :star_struck:


I really want that cover as a poster. Whenever I have Ms. Right over for the first time, she could look at it and say “Oh my God, you’re a Nightwing guy? Let’s get married!” :joy:



:smile: :+1:


Like Batman said in Mask of the Phantasm, “Whatever it takes!” :rofl:

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i feel a possable NightOracle cannon wedding coming up.

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I’m still enjoying the series. I think the trek through cross overs and team ups took way too long, so I’m glad the focus has shifted back to Bludhaven. That said, I loved seeing Dick and Wally as best friends again.

As for Dick/Babs, they’re my favorite DC characters both individually and especially together. I like how Taylor portrays them both. I wish we got to peek in their heads more often though. I’m trying not to get too excited by covers and solicitations though - they’ve burned me too much in the past!


How about…“Oraclewing”?

Let the lady lead, I say.

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the Night Oracle
Babs is the Oracle of the ones who work the night shift.
Thus NightOracle…and she will be able to stair at dicks butt all she wants behind him…i have a running gage in my fanwork about Babs having a massive butt fetish and that’s why she puts up with dick.

what should dick and babs ship name be?

  • NightOracle
  • OracleWing

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OrWing sounds better than either or Noracle

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i like the second one.